Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advice for moving in with boyfriend(10 pts best answer)?

Me and my boyfriend plan on moving in together in a few months. Any advice?Advice for moving in with boyfriend(10 pts best answer)?
1 put yo name on the lease! Cause if u 2 get n an argument guess who is gonna be out with no where to go!

#2 establish basic rules like which bills u guys pay who buys the groceries n does this n that because with out rules n structure u guys will bump heads

#3 make the house that both of u are confortable with. Decorate the house with stuff u both like

-sometimes women tend to take over n not allow anything n the house that their spouse likes because it doesn't fit their taste or fit in with the design of the house

#4 switch the roles just because u r a woman that does not mean u should always do the cookin n cleaning unless u choose to do that

#5 come out with everything let him no wht he is gettin in to tell him ur flaws and what he should expect (like as for me the 1st thing I will tell me bf is that I can cook but dnt expect a homecooked meal everynight! Once a month if u lucky lol) and n how we look when we wake up n the morning lol let him no so there r no surprises

-oh n its not gonna be wht u expect just like n a relationship there r gonna be some hard times n u r gonna learn how to suck it up n ride it outAdvice for moving in with boyfriend(10 pts best answer)?
the most important thing to me would be dont forget YOU time.

the worst thing that happens when two people move in together is you get sick of each other easily because its the only person you are around all the time.

make sure you both dont forget to spend time with friends and family its important to do what you want

moving in is a very big committment and will take a lot of compromising but its usually worth it. youll learn everything and i mean everything about that person.
Don't stress over the little things.

When you move in together you will definitely realize all his flaws, I recently did the same thing. This is the second time I lived with a boyfriend, and his second time too so we both know! You'll have to relax and know that there is NO WAY he can be perfect and some things he just can't change haha!

But I don't mean big things.. I mean like taking the trash out, forgetting things, not cleaning, etc.

And you'll definitely have to fight to NOT argue! If you fight everyday over little things, you'll wana move out asap!

Just be easy on each other and don't suffocate yourselves! You still need to maintain a good relationship with your friends. Inviting people over is a great way to enjoy living together, as long as you both know what to expect! Agree that if your guests leave a mess, both of you will clean up afterwards, or you'll switch off. When you do have a tiff, think about all the good things, not the bad.

Communication about EVERYTHING is the only way to make sure it will work!
Make sure you give each other space. Like, don't hang out every second of everyday...You don't want to get bored of each other. Lol. Help each other out around the house like with sharing the cleaning etc. COMPROMISE. Like with watching TV or sharing stuff etc...don't argue over little things.

Respect their stuff. And just keep being like how you are. It's not too much different. It's nice to live with your boyfriend because you get to see them often and get closer to them. :)
well if you feel comfortable with him enough to live with him then thats totally cool:)

but just know that living with him takes away privacy and space more and mite be a challenge,

but its a very great way to get to know him a lot more

and fall more in love:)

hope this helped
if you are sure thats what you want and you are both happy to do so then i dont see a problem with it. i hope it works out for yas :)
Learn to be a little more easy going at first, it starts off hard. Set a few basic rules like no drinking from the carton or leaving out dirty dishes.
Well that good way to know your boyfriend before your get to serious.
Pay da bills equally.Make sure he is someone you and your parents trust and cherise him and he is nt a freak ! haha!
Make sure you have your own accounts {checking, savings} I saw that on Judge Judy.

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