Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advice in love with. Hope for the best?

Having made a terrible mistake in breaking-up with my filipina love of 5 yrs, I tried to reconnect with her months later. She says she isn't angry, sad anymore, but she will not speak with me, only text. We are in different countries %26amp; she has a met someone recently. It's most important that she is happy, but how to resolve the feeling that I see my mistakes and am trying to be a better guy. Am I crazy to try to light the flame again?Advice in love with. Hope for the best?
Think long and truthfully about this before you decide. If your intentions are not pure stay away from her, think of her best interest. Playing games with peoples emotions is a slight form of murder in a sense that each time hurt is involved it must be overcome. In order to overcome something has to be let go, 'feelings'. Each time we heal ourselves after a broken heart we thicken our hide. Our standards will raise and we will put up with less and less. So if you are not prepared to give it your all, stay away, and if you are prepared to give it your all be prepared to know you only have 50/50 chance. Is she worth that risk? She must have thought you were to try for four years before walking away. The best thing you might do is to write a heartfelt letter about what she means to you but be honest, no wishy washy romance at this time. Only hard core truth. Ask her to consider another chance but if she is interested in another guy, she may well be over you and you will have to accept the loss.

Love is a dangerous game when it is not appreciated from the start.

Best of luck.Advice in love with. Hope for the best?
You are very welcome. Solid communication enduring to resolution is the key to a healthy result. Even if we are unable to have that which we desired, it is always in the best interest of all involved to at the very least have peace of mind, holding no grudges for forgiveness is a state of mind.

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You really hit the mark. More than anything I wish to see the 2 of us to be a peace with eachother. I'm still trying to forgive myself for the pain I caused her, %26amp; looking for her to forgive me. I have to accept that I have no control over the later beyond being happy for her. Lots t4 me to learn.

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I foolishly broke up with someone that I was madly in love with too, and once I realised my mistake, it was too late, and he'd fallen out of love with me. You just have to accept that you made a mistake and try to get on with life. Live by the philosophy that if it was meant to happen, it would have happened, and maybe it still will happen. Don't force it.
Yeah. That's generally a bad idea. The best way to get a woman to wonder (or think about you) is to not have any contact with her - AFTER a break up.

Zero contact. No phone calls. No text. No attention . NADA.

I know it's hard, but if you want her to MAYBE come back or think about you... that's the ONLY way to do it.

You need to ---%26gt;%26gt; ';give her the gift of missing you';.

She may or she may not be thinking about you..... but if you were good to her - I guarantee you she WILL. Women tend to compare ';the next guy'; to the last guy. Especially a boyfriend of 5 years. That's SIGNIFICANT.

This works in a guy's favor... because you can now carry on with your life and date whoever you want.

The only reason she is allowing you to text her (don't!) is because women like to collect male attention . . . . . and they like to be in a position to DISQUALIFY it too.

Never give a girl this opportunity.... and it will instantly make you ';not like every other guy';.
Just let it go, its in the past. She has moved on and so should you. This time, try to remember your mistakes and dont make them twice. If you still have feelings for her and you are still texting her, its going to be harder for you to get over here and move on. Just leave it in the past.
no your not crazy to want to relight the flame we all make mistakes in life if you come back and show them you know you messed up and your willing to do what ever it takes to get her back... sometimes we don't realize how much we value something or someone till its gone..
I had a filipinia love once. It was a taco from taco bell. After I was done making love to it, I left it on the counter. My mom walked in and noticed the taco and thought that it was sour cream in it, she took a big bite, and then I told her it was my seamen.
Tell her exactly what you just said here! Tell her it pains you that you made such a mistake, and you would change it if you could. And you ask for her forgiveness, and ask if you two could at least be friends.
Yea dude, look, if you let her go once there was a reason, love is soo ****** up, and once u open up the door, you can't lock it, and they can leave at any time
Just keep texting--ur on the right track to building the relationship back. However, if she's met someone and is happy, try just staying friends and don't be overbearing. Wait it out...

Answer mine?

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Yeah brother, this isn't going to work out.
you should try and meet some new people too like she has
no, just stupid for putting it out. but im not being nice, but i dont care
wat wat u say sonny boy speak up

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