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My best friend who's 17 could possibly be pregnant. Ladies, any advice please?

My best friend was recently fooling around with her boyfriend (no intercourse) and keeps worrying that there's a chance she's pregnant. She is sexually active but still a virgin. She'll have to wait and see if her period comes to know that she isn't, but if by some chance she is, what can I do to help her?My best friend who's 17 could possibly be pregnant. Ladies, any advice please?
Okay, there is a lot of conflicting answers, and bickering going on! So let me set the record straight.

While vaginal intercourse (lets me as clear cut as possible, penis penetrating the vagina) is the most likely way to become pregnant, it is NOT the only way to become pregnant. All you really need is viable sperm entering a fertile vagina. If you friend came into contact with his semen, and somehow managed to immediately put that semen into contact with her vagina, then yes, she could be pregnant.

At certain points during a woman's cycle she has a lot of mucus present to help impregnation occur. This mucus helps sperm move upwards from the vulva (outer edge of the vagina) and into the vaginal canal to the cervix and so forth.

So if your friend and her boyfriend are ';fooling around,'; and bodily fluids are exchanged, even without penile penetration, she could be pregnant. I know, because it happened to me. I miscarried at six weeks for unknown reasons.

Stress could cause your friend to miss periods, or be late, so the best thing she can do is relax, and wait to see if she gets her period. Be there for her, and tell her that pregnancy isn't likely, but that it is possible, and encourage her to be more careful during future sexual activities. She should wash her hands, or at least use an antibacterial hand sanitizer after coming into contact with her boyfriend's semen, likewise he should do the same.

She may also want to go to her local pland parenthood and see about getting on some form of birth control to prevent pregnancy, and further worries!

Best wishes.My best friend who's 17 could possibly be pregnant. Ladies, any advice please?
There is a very very small chance she is pregnant if she didn't have intercourse. If she is, you can help her find resources for teen pregnancies, accompany her to doctor visits, and whatever else she may ask for.

EDIT: I am really appalled by the answers I've seen so far. YES it is possible to be pregnant w/o intercourse if there was ejaculation somewhere near the vagina. NO it isn't possible to get pregnant from swallowing.
The only way she could be pregnant is if they were messing around and he came near her vagina. Maybe he came near her anus and it made it's way into her? If semen gets into the vagina there is a chance, but other than that just messing around she's not gonna get pregnant.

(this question makes me sad that parents don't explain these things to teenagers before they become active. That is the reason we still need sex education in school!!)
All you can do is be there for her. Be supportive. Just be a friend.

Had to edit this for those who said she couldn't possibly be pregnant. You don't necessarily have actual intercourse to get pregnant. If any seamen gets on her vagina she could get pregnant. It is possible.
The possibility of her being pregnant without intercourse are SLIM....and I mean SLIM to none! i wouldnt have her worry about it too much .. its really not common .. but her worrying can make her period late which couls stress her out more.. tell her to go to a doctor for a test or to go buy one instead of waiting.

good luck to her..

I really wouldnt worry about it though.

***I also had to edit... I cant believe how many people do not know that it is possible to get pregnant and still be a virgin...look it up ! omg lol ..

if you swallow?? hahaha omg lol ***
You cannot get pregnant without vaginal intercourse. So if she really is still a virgin, she should be safe from that, though she can very easily still contract a disease, so she really should get tested for various diseases.
I doubt if she is if there has been no intercourse,the only way would be if they somehow got sperm into her vagina,if she is there's not a lot you can do is there?
That doesnt make since. How is your bestfriend gonna think she is pregnant when she hasn't had sex...??? In order to be or get pregnant she has to have intercourse.
Sperm doesn't usually live outside of the body, so without intercourse it's unlikely for her to become pregnant.
How is it possible to be sexually active, and a vigin... that's an oxymoron....
Not possible for her to be pregnant under any circumstances. She is fine.
if she's a virgin she cant be pregnant.. unless a guy spooged on her vag...
if she didnt have intercourse then there isnt a chance that she is pregnant
If she swallowed any type of white milky substance during fool around time....then yes!!!

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