Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The best way to hit on and pick up a girl - looking for girls advice only - thanks?

what is it that you girls like to hear, or need to hear, to get a guy to notice you. I'm not tryin to make myself sound like tom brad pitt, but i am attractive and am quite a funny guy, yet women usually seem to blow me off. is that a sign that i should try harder or keep lookin? ladies?The best way to hit on and pick up a girl - looking for girls advice only - thanks?
Maybe you are just coming off as a ';friend';? Try being straight forward and ask out a girl you're interested in !! All girls are different, but most of us just appreciate honesty and a guy being who they are. If they're interested then you don't ever have to worry about keeping up a false pretense of being someone you're not. Eventually the right person just comes along. Sounds clich茅 but it's true!!

Oh, and there is nothing worse in this world than bad pick up lines, and lines that are so clearly pumped with bull. :) lol Good LUck!! ;)The best way to hit on and pick up a girl - looking for girls advice only - thanks?
Be yourself. Don't use any cheesy pick up lines because those for sure don't work. If you're in a social setting where you are likely to be around women, then just introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. You say you're a funny guy, make a little joke, but don't let it be a joke where you want them to guess the answer because that is annoying.

Don't ask stupid questions.This guy was hitting on me once and I asked him where he was from and how old he was, just general stuff, and he asked, ';Where do you think I'm from?' and ';How old do I look?'; trying to be seductive and I was like give me a break. That conversation didn't last too long.

Don't try to look for girls at the club. Most people there are just looking to get drunk and/or get laid and not really for a relationship.

Trying harder may just mean changing your approach. Don't make it more serious than it has to be. You're just trying to get to know a woman, not put a ring on her finger, lol!

You seem like a good guy who really is trying, good luck!!
You are going about this in the wrong way. Number one, you asked for only girls to answer. Asking for a girl's advice on how to pick up women is the wrong angle to approach this from.

The number one way to pick up women is to not try to. You need to appear confident and act like you really could care less if they are around or not. I'm not sure how old you are but surely you have noticed that the girls around you seem to be attracted to guys that seem like jerks to you. This is for a reason.

Even if girls don't say so they are instinctively attracted to guys with confidence, even if that confidence comes off as slightly rude. Girls will tell you they want a sweet guy that shares his feelings and showers them with compliments. But it sounds like you have been doing this and it isn't working.

According to you you've got the looks, so to answer your question you should not try harder and don't just keep lookin' either. Be confident and let it show, the rest will fall into place. Good luck.
Try not to be insulting wit ur jokes and be gentleman like wit them and be u just don't be mean and rude.

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