Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm going out with a soldier and i need some advice on what to do for the best?

I have been with my boyfriend about 6 weeks - He is stationed in Wilshire so at the moment i can speak to him and see him quite often. The trouble is he is being sent to Afganistan in a few months which he wasn't anticipating! My question is do i stay with him, put my life on hold and hope that he comes home in 9 months or do we finnish things and move on? Either way i will be worrying about him and be praying he is safe and want to keep in contact with him. I just can't imagine being with anyone else when i know where he is and what he is doing?

Anyone been in a similar position who could advise me? Or if you just have a point of view it would rellay help! I'm so confused!!I'm going out with a soldier and i need some advice on what to do for the best?
I used to be a soldier and was funnily enough based in Wiltshire, I you really like him you should support him through what will be a very tuff time. However if you feel you wont last then quit now...the last thing he will need to be worried about whilst on tour is his relationship.I'm going out with a soldier and i need some advice on what to do for the best?
A soldier?? Are you insane????

Do you know what they get up to at night?
My advice is, never put too much hope on something in this world, include a relationship? But, there something else, believe in what your heart said. Do everything with your pure heart, and everything will just fine.
Either disengage now or stay the course. Once he goes, he can't worry about you. You have to be there for him when he goes. If you can't do it, do him a favor and disengage now!
I would want you to stay with him, if you love and care about him then you should stay with him. Stay stong and know that he will be thinking about you often and missing you like crazy. Don't end it because of this. If there is a future together with him, then stay with him and keep him in your heart and soul.
Why would you want to put yourself through such painful experience...? It's like you will be up all night wondering if you will ever see him again.

Also, if you do fall in love with him and one day decided to get married, the thought of him dying in war would be double if not triple. The fcuked up part about being a soldier is that you are on call for active service ';FOR LIFE';.

He can be in his 40's with a great job and loving family and one day lose it all and you will have to start all over ';with baggage's';.

Again, why would anybody put them-self through such pain for no good reason. 6 weeks is not enough for you to hang on to such relationship.
You pretty made up your mind to hang on. He will surely need you psychologically. He is human besides being a soldier. Make use of the internet, phone, mails, him stuff, exchange photos. In the mean time, take some study or something to occupy you in a healthy way.

Best of luck.
it's not a decission to love or not,

If you love him, support him and wait for him until he comes back

fill your life until then with wishes and dreams and you will make all those dreams and wishes true when he comes back
i would personallly talk to ur boyfriend about this and come to a decision together thankfully ive never been in this situation but u need to talk this through with him
Try to keep him at home some men will do anything for a woman that they really like, try and convince him that you are against the wars in Afganistan and Iraq by having a big emotional outburst and make a point of saying you don't wan't him to die for the sake of a government who only started this war on terror just for their own selfish reasons and he may see sense and leave the army.
The best advise keeping his picture everytime you lonely and crying.
maybe youre better finishing it. There is a chance he wont come back alive only in a body bag.
dont mention the war

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