Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why does my best friend call me for advice and say ';tried that'; on every suggestion I give her ?

Is she trying to make me as frustrated as she is ?Why does my best friend call me for advice and say ';tried that'; on every suggestion I give her ?
Haha... well, my friend does that... I try to give her all sorts of advice until I'm empty of advice and ready to shake her and say, ';Why'd you ask me!'; But she's still my friend, so I don't... :-)Why does my best friend call me for advice and say ';tried that'; on every suggestion I give her ?
It sure sounds like she is!!
She just wants to vent her frustration. As we all know...advice is easier given than received. Even though your advice is probably good advice she, like most of us, really just want someone to listen and understand.
Tell her that bet she didnt know it.
I think that she is hoping that you will have a new idea that she has not tried. Take that as a complement, she assume you can figure out a unique answer to her problem.
yes, do think so, plus loves the sound of her own whining voice, tell her, know you been there and done that, so lets go somewhere else
Shes attention seeking.

No offence to her.

You should just say to her, well why ring me if i suggest all the wrong things :)
Maybe she has tried it. If she's asking you she values your input. If you give her thoughtful information and she discards it don't put yourself on the spot and make it your problem to resolve. Just be there for her. Or ask her if she's tried hanging upside down from her ankles over a bridge. It probably wouldn't help but it might make her laugh. Maybe that's all she needs.
Just listen... don't try to solve her problems... and let her make the decision she can live with... make her make the choice.
Maybe she doesn't really want advice. Maybe she just wants to talk.
It could be that since you two are good friends that you automatically think of the same possible solutions. Maybe you should get a third party in on these conversations to try to solve the problem.
i really don't know..because I'm not psychic or whatevers but maybe you should try to talk to her about how you feel whenever she does that, and she probably doesn't want to make you mad or anything, she just maybe probably already ';tried that'; or doesn't think it will work. so just think of something to say and if that still keeps on happening then do something about it or help her out.
Because she's looking for something that does not exist -- a so-called magic bullet -- and is frustrated that all you have to offer is good, ol' common sense. That's not atypical at all; in fact, it's a very human reaction. Continue to offer your best advice -- and be patient. She's turning to you because she values your input (even though she may not take your advice).

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