Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need advice ASAP *10 points to best answer*

My Girlfriend and i broke up yesterday, I've been in tears all day. I don't care whats happened in the past anymore I'm ready to move on!

I want her back so badly I'm so in love with her, She broke up with me because she said she couldn't stand seeing me broken hearted.

Should i run to her tonight? Or wait for her to come over tomorrow to pick up her stuff. There's so much i want to say to her that I'm afraid that i wont be able to find the words.

Help me please.

Need advice ASAP *10 points to best answer*
didnt u just answer ur question! u love her

go after her in a romantic way..find her and tell how much she means to you and tell her that she means the world to you! and dont let her go..

if u love her..get off the computer and go after her!! =]

best of luck!

Need advice ASAP *10 points to best answer*
If you don't say it it could be to late. If she hurt you so bad that she left because of it, you have to ask yourself if she is really worth your tears and worth wanting back. People can change but they have to want to change. Talk to her honey tell her everything on your mind your fears, your hopes, and your expectations. Plus lay down some rules, if she wants you back bad enough she will agree to anything. Good Luck.

P.S. Don't come across as a Wuss, but don't come across as an ***.
Well i would say, just be your self first of all and second if she does come and pick her stuff up just tell her straight out that u would like to talk to her and to explain to her whats going on and how u feel and just take it from there thats that the best way to go forward with this.. If she doesnt wanna talk then its not meant to be.. Just leave it alone.. Good Luck..
I dont get it? Why did she break up with you because she couldnt stand to see you broken hearted? WHy were you broken hearted when you were still together?

Sounds more like she doesnt feel the same way you do. Do not run to her tonite. Its best to put some time and space on these things to take a look back.

If she wants to talk when she comes over fine. Get yourself together and be relaxed and rational .
if your ready to move on.. you shouldnt want her back. moving on is getting over the past and looking for a new start in the future..

have her get her stuff. and then let her go. ex's become ex's for a reason. her reason was a a stupid one.. unless theirs more behind it..

move on means moving on. not hanging onto the past.
I can't tell you what to do, so follow your heart and think about which action would end better. Pz.

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