Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best way to scrunch ur hair..any advice?

i have really straight ahir and every time i try scrunching it after takin a shower it comes out sort of wavy instead of curly .. any advice?Best way to scrunch ur hair..any advice?
Use some nice soft hair curlers that you can sleep in. Put them in when your hair is still wet and let it air dry.

Once dry, take the curlers out and quickly run a dryer through your hair on low heat, or cool if your dryer has it. This is to separate the curls so they look more natural. Now you can put a bit of hairspray in it to make it last longer.

I did this for a cute look around christmas and worked great! It's not really scrunching but it will give you a curly effect. I find that it works better for hair that doesn't curl or wave well.Best way to scrunch ur hair..any advice?
After taking a shower I apply mousse all over my hair then I spray hairspray all over it and let it dry on its own but I put it up in a clip to dry so when I take it down it's really wavy/curly. But diffusers work so well! I used to use one and that will truly make your hair curly and beautiful.
grrrlll i feeel ya

i got this new stuff called garnier frutice scrunch gell..

this is what it looks like -鈥?/a>

it works amazinglyyyy =]

and i put this in while my hair is wet;

and i put it in a messy bun for a while.

then take it out and WAAA LAAAHH.
Blow it dry with a diffuser this way you can scrunch the hair with the will understand what i mean when you do it.
take a shower

dry your hair until it is sorta damp

use tresemme gell and apply to hair

and scrunch from the bottom to the top!

hope i helped鈥?/a>

try this it works pretty well
you should buy some gel and hairspray.

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