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Christian Advice! I wanna date my best friend.. shes sometimes brings up that we wont get married . but i do.?

I dont know how to tell her i really like her,, im 19 shes 18 shes really a great girl.. i was always that dumb jock that got all the girls and she knew about them.. now i wanna be with her but shes my bestfriend.. through good and bad...Christian Advice! I wanna date my best friend.. shes sometimes brings up that we wont get married . but i do.?
Wow. It sounds like you feel pretty strong about her! If you really consider her your best friend then you really need to tell her. Not just that you like her, but tell her everything: how you feel, what you think of her, why she's special. I know that would be really hard cuz you're putting you heart on the line, but what would be worst: never telling her you love her and wishing you had or to tell her and find out how she feels, whether she feels the same or not?? Save yourself some heartache and go for it. If it doesn't work out, trust me, you'll feel so much better for at least doing it. That will help you move on. Best of Luck and I hope you get your girl. You sound like a sweety!Christian Advice! I wanna date my best friend.. shes sometimes brings up that we wont get married . but i do.?
Just tell her that you like her...and you're sorry that you didn't realize it friends make the best marriages. Sounds like you might actually be out..this can be habit forming and you might turn out to be a man...LOL

Reiterating exactly what you've said here would be an excellent startr. Tell her ALL the reasons why you do like her...she'll probably put you on probabtion (because she knows you..LOL) or be willing to give it a trial run (dating) so long as you're a gentleman and behave yourself the way a mature MAN ought boozing, parties, chasing girls, running around with your friends constantly..etc

Nice to see someone that is done chasing skirts and has started pursuing character, instead.

(Proverbs 31:10) Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

(Proverbs 31:11) The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

(Proverbs 31:12) She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
You can't force anyone into marriage, and she's not wanting that right now. It's ok, you're both too young to make a major life change like that without a LOT of thought and committment--she's probably well aware of that.

Be friends, be with her, hang out, but don't push the marriage thing or she'll end up backing away. It has to be a mutual decision.
just say it to her with all honesty... there is no harm in trying anyway... how will you know if you wont even try...
Be nice to her and others will follow.
just say it!
I don't understand - what kind of christian advice do you need here?

Is it because of religious differences that she won't marry you %26amp; you are asking us what can be done about it?
Tell her you like her! Don't worry about those marriage comments, you're way too young to even think about that. Just let her know that you have liked her for a while and would like to be more than friends.
If you guys are best friends now, then you can continue to be friends if the relationship doesn't work out. Go for it man. Never have to ask yourself what could have been.
you should tell her how you feel. She's probably feeling the same way.
This may be an unpopular answer, but as Christians, what's important is God's will, not necessarily what's popular.

If you aren't ready to marry her, then don't even ask her out. The reason why is because if you don't marry her, you WILL hurt her eventually through a breakup. Would love do that? You say that she's your best friend. Could you hurt her like that without backing up your promises with a commitment? You have to understand what it does to women when you pay attention to them; you constantly have to live up to what you profess, or they will get hurt. Do you want to hurt your best friend?

If your goal is to eventually be a godly, faithful, Christian husband, then start being that man right now. Stop dating girls and get to know God. Your friend doesn't see you as marriage material because you fool around with all these other girls. She wants to follow a godly Christian leader, someone who she won't ever have to worry about being faithful to her. How can she trust you if you keep dating these other women? She wants to know that she's the only one, and she must be the only one. If you aren't man enough to commit to her, then leave her alone until you are ready. Put her on the altar of your heart before God and pray, pray, pray . . . not that you two would be together, but that God's will would be done. As His child, God wants to bless you more than you will ever know, and you may be holding onto something far less than His best.

I would highly recommend a book by Elisabeth Elliot called Passion and Purity. It's packed with wisdom. Also, check out the following sermon:鈥?/a>

May our Lord fill you with wisdom. :)

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