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Try to make this as short as possible. We live in a nice neighborhood newly built is 2007 (we moved in a year ago). The next door neighbor turned out to be someone my husband went to school with so we are all on great terms we all talk daily when we see each other outside (they moved in hardly over a month ago). Well I had a problem with them a couple weeks ago (no big deal just stating we have had problems with their kids). Well one of their kids who (15 or so) is on probation and has broken into the house (their house) a couple weeks ago and our neighbor (these kids dad) asked us to tell them if we see a red car during the day parked at their house because this kids not supposed to be at the house when the parents are not home. I go outside to smoke a cig on my porch and their is the red kid and their kid inside smoking pot parked in front of my house! I don't care what they do on their property but I don't like them thinking its ok to come to my property to do drugs (on top of other multiple problems we are having with this kid) So should I tell the kids dad that I did see the car and he was doing drugs in front of my house or should I keep my mouth shut? What would you do?

I asked my dad: 'he says call the police or tell their dad'

sister says: 'you were a kid once let it goProblem with neighbor's kid. PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINION! 10 POINTS BEST. PLZ I NEED ADVICE.?
Well, This relationship between your husband's friend and your husband needs to be tried here. Obviously the father of the kid has already had problems with the kid but he doesn't want to stay home and defend his home but has asked you to keep an eye on their home for him while he's working or something....Ok, well he asked for the info so give it to him and in no ';uncertain terms tell him exactly what you think and what you expect because there's' some unspoken indecision on the kid's father's part. If you see the kid and he's doin drugs, call the cops for pet's sake and don't let this situation be a burden to you. If your husband won't confront his buddy then you have to and don't be afraid of what your husband sez or does in reaction to what you've done. Kids are just annoying when they are this age,....My son did the same kinda crap when he was 15 and his mother sent him to live with me,...ok we were divorced and she had the kids all the time and my son got way out of control and was on probation as well, one day he bowed up at me and said he hated me and F this and F that, yada,yada,yada....So I told him ';ok go get in the truck and we'll go down to your probation officer's place and talk to him about your feelings'; we went on down there and he told the probation officer word for word how he felt and the probation officer arrested his scrawny butt and shipped him to JUVY,...enoughh said right?...nope! the judge told him that he was gonna be in juvy until he was 18 or until he got his high school diploma or his GED!.....a few eeks later I get a call from his mom telling me that he got his GED and scored a 94 (??????)....huh???????? Mna was I shocked. So the judge emancipated hima nd put him on the streets and he lived on his own for a year,...then he kinda got a little more humble about life and chilled out. at 17 he wanted to go in the navy so I signed for him and he's now 24 and an officer and I'm sooooooooo proud of him I can't eevn put it in words and we get along really well. This kid you're having problems with might have the character to actually do something great if he had his butt kicked a bit eh?...well give him that chance and report him.Problem with neighbor's kid. PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINION! 10 POINTS BEST. PLZ I NEED ADVICE.?
Tell the dad and let him first try to remedy the problem if that doesn't work then by all means call police.You never know this kid may straighten out and be a pillar of the community one day.Youth has its problems.
I would stay out of it. What if he finds out you told his dad and he does something to retaliate.
i would tell his dad. put yourself in thier shoes. if it was your child would you want them to do the same?
It's not fair to put you in the position of the rat. How do you know they were doing drugs? Maybe they were smoking a cigarette. However, I would stay out of it. Quite honestly, it would be better if the kid gets caught by a policeman - then perhaps the consequences will hold more weight than a punishment by his father who had someone ';spy'; on him.
tell the kids dad. look, the police start thinking something is fishy only when some one doesnt speak up about something. you have to be up front and honest with every one.

does this kid deserve respect? no, becuase he isnt respecting you.

this dad is who deserves respect. he asked you to keep an eye out and you shouldnt let it go, because if you do, then noe one can do anything about it. the dad wants to make sure his son is going to stop his behaviour and you want him to stop too, so then be on his side and tell him.
You's hard to keep a 24/7 eye on your kids so you depend on others like family, teachers and neighbors. I'm sure you would want to know if there was shady activity at your house while you were away.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Speak to the father and tell him your concerns. We can't just stand by doing nothing.

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