Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My best friend HATES my boyfriend. Advice?

My friend doesn't like my boyfriend. I told her about him and she said they went out. I was surprised. Then I started to talk to him more. She got a little mad and to leave hr out of it if I wanna go out with him. I do want to be friend with her and go out iwth him. What should I do? Thanks!

- JurichiroMy best friend HATES my boyfriend. Advice?
Your friend has no right to say who you should or shouldn't be going out with, it sounds like you need to get them to patch things up, she obviously still likes him or he has done something to her or vice versa. Nip this in the bud now.My best friend HATES my boyfriend. Advice?
I would side with your friend, because chances are if you and your boyfriend don't work out your friend will be mad at you and you will also be out of a boyfriend. Also, your friend (I hope) has always been there for you, so they might take it as a betrayal if you side with your boyfriend, who hasn't been there forever.
Well you friend seems to be jealous of the fact that you have him now. I had an issue in college where my best friend didn't like my boyfriend at the time (which is my fiance now), however i told her it is my life. She decided to go on with her life and i did with mine. Things will change if they are suppose to. Don't change your way of life or what you are doing with your life because someone doesn't agree with it. If it feels right then do it! Your friends are suppose to be supportive in ALL situations. you think your friend is acting like a friend or acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend!?
It is awkward to be friends with someone who dated somebody you dated. However, if she is truly your friend, she shouldn't avoid you just because you happen to like him.
No, it sounds like she is still attracted to him and is kinda jealous.
Break up with the guy? I'm not sure what to tell you. You're going to have to pick one or the other.
It's only going to be drama going out with him

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