Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And advice? 10 points for best answer! please help!?

theres this guy i like... and ths is high school where u cant tell the diffrence if a guy likes u or not.. HELP? how do u TRUELY know that a guy likes you?!And advice? 10 points for best answer! please help!?
You may try this tactic, walk past him all the time to see if he notices you, if he does, this might get his friends start talking. You can also chat with hm online without revealing your identity, maybe just pretend you are a guy, e.g. guys talk, %26amp; try to draw the topic %26amp; his attention to you, then you can find out his feelings.

Hoe this helps though (%26gt;u%26lt;)And advice? 10 points for best answer! please help!?
He stares into your eyes, constantly texts you, messages you on myspace or w.e., umm talks to you constantly..., catches up to you in the hallway just to say hey, ditches his friends to talk to you, trys to get a seat near you in class, it's pretty easy to spot these things out.
if u really like him he will tell u! like after one or two weeks top! unless he's too shy...i guess u can tell by the way he looks at u!
I don't think you'll know unless you ASK or be friends with one of his friend and TRY to get it out from them..
  • apply eyeshadow
  • facial lotion
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