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Help!!! best answer guaranteed if its good advice =)?

im 12 and all my friends got their period and i haven't!!! i have all the signs to get but it just hasn't happened for me!!! they also have bigger boobs from getting it and im still an A cup....advice plz!!!Help!!! best answer guaranteed if its good advice =)?
Every girl is different but sometimes you will get your period around the same age that your mom/sister/aunt/grandma etc. got theirs. As I am sure you know your period is when your body releases an unfertilized egg. Well every woman is born with a certain number of eggs and you never get any more than that so the number of eggs you have may or may not determine when you get your period. If you have less eggs you may start your period later than someone with more eggs. The number of eggs you have is party based on genetics which is why you are more likely to start around the same age as your female family members. Most girls start their period between the ages of 9-15 but some girls start earlier or later than that. Also your period can be affected by your lifestyle, if you are under weight, very stressed or if you are very active you may get your period later than you would.

With all of that being said, you are not missing anything! Just enjoy the time you have left period free because once you get it you may wish you never had ;)

SURE HOPE THIS HELPEDHelp!!! best answer guaranteed if its good advice =)?
Everyone goes through puberty at different times in life. I didn't get my period until I was almost 14, but when I did get it I wished I hadn't. You should enjoy not having to deal with your period while you can! It can be a hassle. And a size A cup really isn't that small for a 12 year old. Just wait, and they'll get bigger. Your breasts are not done growing yet.

Also, if you think you are about to get your period, then be sure to keep some pads with you in your backpack/purse/pocket whenever you go out. Don't worry about asking your mom for pads. Just explain to her! I didn't tell my mom until a few days after I got my period, but when I did I felt like I got it off my chest and didn't have to worry about keeping it from her any longer. And you could even steal pads from her cupboard if you really don't want to tell her right now, lol. But I highly recommend you tell her instead.

When you do get your period, put a pad on right away and check every couple hours to see if you need to put on a new one. The last thing you want is for blood to leak onto your pants or underwear....that happened to me a lot.

Also, when you do get your period it will most likely be irregular for at least a year. In between periods, it'd probably be a good idea to wear pantyliners (small, thin pads) just to be safe because it might not be done even if you think it is.

Best of luck!
lol well,

Unfortunately you just need to be patient and wait for your body to develop on its own.

We've all had periods at different times of our lives.

Some have had it at age 11, some at 12, some at 16, and some at 9.

There's no predicting 'when' exactly your period will come or when your breasts finally develop.


My main advice to you would have to be:

Enjoy your freedom while you can.

LOL while it's nice to have good sized boobs and curves, your young woman-hood can have its down-sides.


Don't worry about it.

it'll come.
i use to think i was so weird because all my friends had their periods and i didnt and i wanted it so so so bad. i have no clue why now. it's horribe. enjoy it while you don't have it. i got mine a few weeks after turning 14. you'll get it soon you just have to wait it out. there's absolutely nothing you can do to speed up the process. and getting bigger boobs does happen with getting your period a little bit but really it just goes on as you grow. i'm in a DD now but i was always a B til i turned 16. that's when i started to really grow. ha. best of luckkk.
U just haven't hit puberty yet but there really isn't much u can do about it u just have to wait. I got my period when I was 12 my sister got hers when she was 9! And my mother didn't get hers untill she was 17! So everyone is different don't worry though u will get it soon then u will realize u won't wAnt it!
ok i was just through this. trust me, it is a burden having your period. it will be a relief when you get it, but then its just irritating after a while i'm on it right now and it sucks since i do after school sports. trust me, it will come. i was having signs and then as soon as i gave up waiting for it, guess what happened?? i got my period! stress can delay your period so just stay relaxed and it will come eventually. and your 12, who cares if you have big boobs? if you have big boobs, that's all guys will look at and not your face, so take it as a blessing. you can email me at if you want any tips or anything. i'll be here. good luck and just relax and it'll come!
I was in the same situation as you.I always wanted to know why I never had mine and it seemed like everyone else did. I wanted my period because everyone else had theres and trust me once you get it youll wish you didnt. They arnt anything to get excited about, trust me. But you will get it. I got mine when I was 14 but everyone will get it when there body is ready.Hope this helps.
Well ok for 1) do NOT stuff ur bra that will only let them make fun of u. 2) don't stress on it because stress causes the hormones to act weird 3) Wait time will only tell

I have a friend thats 14 and still hasnt had her period and shes had the signs for 6months

just chillax and it will come

good luck hun
Everyone hits puberty at different times. Your not abnormal just because you haven't got your period yet or that you don't have big breasts at 12 years old. If your already having signs that means that it's coming soon. I would bet before your 13th birthday.
hey girly u just gotta wait that is exacly how i was and i got it... its not very fun so ur lucky u dont have it lol just wait and the time will come and if ur friends say n e thing (which they shouldnt if there ur friends) just be like at least i dont have to worry about it and smell like it. cuz it smells......and sucks so ya but hope i helped!!!! if u need more advice just post another question lol GOOD LUCK!
sweetie this is nothing to worry about we are all different meaning us girls we all have different bodies there is know rush trust me let nature take it's course i am sure that your a pretty girl so love you and never compare your self to others just relax and it will all come in time
Girls get their period as early as 11 and as late as 15. This is normal and nothing you should be concerned about.
I got mine when I was 12, but my mom got hers when she was 16. It's different for everyone.

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