Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I like my best friends older sister....any advice?

k im 13 ..almost 14 n i like my friends sister n shes 14 n almost 15

and i realy like her but she is in high skool n im in 7th grade and shes a freshman

i messed around with her but i still havent kissed her

i wana be with her

ANY ADVICE??????????????I like my best friends older sister....any advice?
make sure to tell your friend before he finds out himself. But ease it in the direction that wouldn't make it so awkward. It's not gonna be easy no matter how you put it, so you might as well get it over with while you have the chance. But if they don't understand or don't approve, then they need to realize that it's your choice and not theirs, but don't give him the impression that you won't take care of her and care for her. Make sure he knows you'll be there for her and would do anything to stop her pain or harm to come ever. If you don't feel that way, then it's not worth it.I like my best friends older sister....any advice?
Well, for one- it's your best friend's sister. And you don't date your best friend's sister.

For two- Being as she's in high school, and you're in middle school, it's not too likely to happen. Her friends will probably tease her for dating a middle schooler. But then again- she's a freshman, which (in the eyes of the upperclassmen) is a middle schooler, so there's a little bit of hope.

But, come on- she's your friend's sister.
Tell your best friend first.

If you try to just go for the girl, they might take it as being used to get clsoer to their sister.

That or they might feel replaced.

There's a lot of things that can go wrong.

Just to up to them adn tell them like it is

';I like your sister and I wanna be with her';

THen if they give you their blessing, tell the girl how you feel.

If she doesn't want it, then there's nothing you can do.

Oh... Dont mess around with someone you like BEFORE a relationship. If they say no, it just makes it worse.
Sincerely ur just a kid, and if u are a friend of their sister, then they wont take u seriously. As a high school student myself, i would just think that ur crush is cute, but i wouldn't take it seriously...

But tats just a warning from the other side, it doesn't mean it isn't possible. You can bring up the topic jokingly and see her reaction, if she laughs, then you got your answer.

Good luck.
Im sorry to bust your bubble, but at that young she's most likely NOT gonna dig you. But if you wanna try, talk to your best friend. If u just wanna hookup with her, than you can ';say goodbye to your best friend';. But if you really like her like her, than he might actually hear you out, and give u a chance. But your biggest problem isn't him, its her, and figuring out if she really likes you.
If u like her then u like her but if you really dont like her, dont because that will probably be very uncomfortable for your friends to know you like her. So, you want to know what to do, tell her u like her, but dont bug her, just b cool. hope u could take this advice and it helped
messed around BEFORE you kissed her?


and i would personally make fun of a freshman dating a seventh grader.

i had a guy friend who did, everyone called him a child molester.
wait till you're a bit older. thirteen year old guys (even fourteen year olds) are a bit immature and and need to become more of a man b4 they can win a girl who's older.
this is sooo not going to work out for u. u never date ur friends relatives or past relationships. unless they try to set u up. the age difference shouldnt matter much. if ur best friend is cool with it u should ask her out. if not move on.
try learning how to spell. or maybe try finishing puberty before you ';mess around'; with any body's sister. Or ASK HER THE FUG OUT. duh. try growing up a little before you go after girls, maybe.
If you really like her, talk to your best friend. You can tell anything to your BFF! If it's cool with him, Go for it! :) Good Luck!!
ok well does your best friend care if you want to be with her sister?

and does your best friend's sister want to be with you?!
You're still young. I wish I would've known then what I know now. Simply put, you will date many girls. And no, she's not the one.
You are breaking man-law by going after your buddy's sister. Unless he gives you the OK she if off limits.
how do you mess around but not kiss?...

anyways, tell your best friend about it

then, tell her how you feel and see if she feels the same way.
Text man thats where its at and ladies love sweet nice guys who tell them what they want talk a little dirty
try talking to her about getting together good luck
screw your friend go for the girl if you guys like each other and talked and you really think you like her then go for it i when i would ask her out first then kiss her!
Total violation of guy code, sorry bro let it go....
ask your friend if that's ok and then tell her how you feel before you kiss her or anything.
just go for it!!!!go straight up and tell her that you like her you arent that far apart in age
lol your friend will kill you if he finds out.
Say good bye to your best friend. Sisters are Off Limits
shes gonna dump you
yeah ......asking her out might b a start lol......but as long as its okay with ur best friend

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