Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tax advice? 10 points for best.?

ok if i live in x place (meaning my address is there)

and i work at y place (meaning i stay in my RV monday through friday

and go home every weekend)

and i have expenses for while im working at y place

(like food and living costs)

and i keep all my reciepts for the year.

then can i claim all those expenses on my taxes??Tax advice? 10 points for best.?
It's kind of hard to give you a correct answer with such limited information. Are you an employee of ';Y'; or are you an independent contractor for them? Do they require that you be in the area when you aren't working? typically speaking, if you are an employee of the company, the only way you can really write these expenses off is if they require you to leave your office and travel away from it. They don't make you work there at ';Y'; and live over at ';X';. It's a matter of convenience for you.Tax advice? 10 points for best.?
No, your living expenses are not tax deductible. I know you are going to say that they should be because you have a home and also use the RV to live in while you are working elsewhere. Well, sorry. We all choose where to live, when to move to take a new job, how far to drive to commute to work, and how many houses or living quarters to own and pay for. Keep your job -- they're becoming fewer and farther between. Pay your taxes.

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