Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guys Advice--10 points for best answer!?

ive fallen for my best guy friend. i think he cud be into me too. wen its jus me and him we always hav a great time and he always tend to grab and hold me from behind. but wen were with people he acts immature. wut does this mean?Guys Advice--10 points for best answer!?
Ok I am going to give you my best answer. If you like it put it as a best answer. Anyway I also know what you mean i fell for one of my best Friends. I was 17 and she was 18. We were really good Friends for a year and a half. We would drink together and one night we started making out. After that I realized i was falling in love with her. I did not say anything. We drank a week later and were both kinda drunk. I ended making sweet love to her. The thing is she came on to me and started undressing me and then started riding me. SO anyway after that night I told her my feelings. She said she really liked me to. So anyway we ended up dating and it was great and I am still going out with her now I love her with all my heart!Guys Advice--10 points for best answer!?
It means he really likes you too... just doesn't know how to express himself. Talk to him, get everything out in the open... hopefully he'll act the way he does when it's just you two all the time. If not, then maybe he just isn't the person you fell for.
he prob likes u.

i kinda know tis cuz my best guy friend and i like each other but wen were not alone he acts like he dosnt even like me
I have had that happen to me. I have liked my best guy friend on and off since we met in pre-k. I also think he could have been in to me on and off to. If he acts like he doesn't want to know you in front of others ask him, Hey, what is up? You never want to talk to me in front of your friends anymore! I said this to my guy friend and it did work and now we talk a little more( WE DO NOT HAVE THE SAME CLASSES) in school. He probably does like you but is worried about his reputation with his friends and he is trying to make you laugh at the same time. If you are still not sure if he likes you, just ask him if you are brave enough.
10 points for best answer hey? That's tempting.

It means he's immature. He'll improve in time. We all do.

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