Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Asian girl in need of beauty advice! i promise 10 POINTS to best answer!!!!!?

okay well i have two questions please help me with both!

1. are you supposed to shave your thighs? and no answers like there is no such thing as supposed to yu do what you feel like. do you shave your upper legs?

2. if you wax your upper lip which i have to because i have black hair there (grossss) will it grow back thicker!??Asian girl in need of beauty advice! i promise 10 POINTS to best answer!!!!!?
i have a friend who doenst shave her thigh's but she's blond and you have to look close to see the hair

however i shave my thigh's cus i have brunette hair. but listen you are risking ingrown hair. the best way to fight this off is to make sure that your thigh's are always' exfoliated. you take a loofah or a facial scrubber, they have one's for the body. use those.

waxing is beyond painful and i wont do it. i did my eyebrow's once instead of plucking and my brow's killed for 2 week's painful.

as for growing in thicker? i dont know about thicker but it grow's in more speratically, like pointy. more noticeable in that way. the way your thigh'slook with out never shaving them, the hair is softer looking and laid close to the skin. but when it grow's in it's prickly looking like a porcupine. like i said. so once you start shaving you'll be doing it almost every day for the rest of your life.

they say with waxing you dont have to shave so often in fact a long time like 2 week's.

so these are the good and bad reason' with both of them you just have to chose.Asian girl in need of beauty advice! i promise 10 POINTS to best answer!!!!!?
you don't have to, but i do. i don't take as much time on them, i just take less than a few seconds to shave them because the hair is soft.

waxing usually makes hair grow back thicker.
ok, my wife is a fashion consultant, so I feel confident enough to answer these questions:

1. I would say this should be answered by your partner. If you are seeking a partner, shaving is probably the way to go, as the hair will always grow back in a short period. Most American men typically prefer smooth legs, all the way up, though if you are wearing a knee length dress or pants, you can get away with less shaving for casual going out.

2. the sad news is, you will continue to get more hair over the course of your life. Waxing actually removes the hair folicle, but it will not prevent new folicles from coming up. The good news is that unlike cutting the hair (ie. shaving), which causes the same hairs to come back thicker and darker as a physiological response to make them more protective, the thickness/darkness will probably only gradually increase.

There is bleaching to extend time between waxing and if you don't like the waxing, threading (an Indian hair removal technique) is often less painful than waxing and easier on the surrounding skin.
Yes, I you should shave your bikini area down if you have dark hair especially on white skin. You should wax your lip, it really should slow growth.
1. i shave my upper legs but only about half as often as my calves because you can't really see the hair on your thighs as much.

2. it technically grows back thicker but not like HOLY-CRAP-THAT-CHICK-HAS-A- STACHE thicker, it just grows back slightly faster. but not fast enough you'll notice a difference.
1. i shave my upper legs, unless i know imma be wearing jeans or capris.

2. and no it will not grow back thicker since you waxed it. if you shaved it it might. aaaand... if you wax/tweez certain hairs (eyebrows, etc), i guess, sometimes they dont grow back.
If you wear a bikini I suggest you shave your thighs. I don't personally, but I don't wear bathing suits or bikini es either. My hair is blond and it doesn't show that much. If my hair was black I would shave.

I have waxed my upper lip and know that it comes out bushier. But if you shave you never see it this way.
ok first i'm a girl pretendin 2 b a guy so if my answer sounds girly, thats y. well it depends if your supossed to shave your thighs if your gonna wear shorts and mini's then you should... but if your gonna wear capris and jeans then you don't have to. i don't shave my thighs... but i don't wear shorts or mini's.;.. OMG SAME HERE! i used to have hair. yes it will grow faster and thicker. so don't wax it, but use tweesers and pluck them 1 by 1 i know it takes longer but it stays hairLESS for a looooooooooooonggggggggggggg time!
1) I don't shave my legs I wax. However if you wish to shave

YEAH it's ok. You definitely gotta exfoliate to keep those

ingrown hairs out.

2) I have the lip hair too, i'm working on getting them lasered.

Well I have noticed that ever since I started waxing they

have become more obvious when they grow out a bit. So

now I gotta keep doing touch ups. Bleach helps keep the

waxing results longer. But yeah after waxing they do kind of

come out denser.
1. In the summer I shave my thighs and bikini area, but in the winter I don't, because who cares? Unless I'm going to an indoor pool for some reason but I never go swimming in the winter.

2. no, it will not grow back thicker. It is like waxing your legs. If you SHAVE it will grow thicker, but waxing will not make it grow thicker.

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