Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I need advice (10 points the best answer)?

ok so today at school (8th grade) there's this mean stupid guy (his name is christian) who was being really mean and he was saying that i have no chance with the guy i like and just really being mean and he insults me alot

so my question is what should i do?

(i pushed him last week because he really made me mad [ha ha])

**** I DON'T LIKE HIM*****I need advice (10 points the best answer)?
Been there done that, he needs to get a life, tell your mom and then tell the principal, I got my principal involved once and she scared the living daylights out of him, lol. If you ever need to talk just go to my profile and email, well, if you don't want to be a tattletail it will just continue, maybe try what the other people said to see if that works and one more tip don't tell people who you like if thats the case and he's probably saying that because he's probably jealous because he likes you, you're probably a beautiful young lady.I need advice (10 points the best answer)?
Ignore him. It is obvious his opinion shouldn't count, and definitely shouldn't make you so upset. He continues to say mean things to you, because you give him the time of your day. He is not worth a minute of your time, and whether he thinks there's a chance for you and this boy to get together shouldn't matter.

Walk away, pretend he is thin air, and nothing else. If anything, that'll make him upset.
Awww 8th grade guys are sooooo dumb! ima Freshman so i went through that last year. THe best thing to do is just ignore them. It doesn't do anything to stop them and it probably makes it worse. Just hang in there untill you get to highschool and the guys are much more mature and HOTTT. anyways haha yeah just ignore him and it will all be ok!

good luck!!
I think that you do that good, and I think he also feel ashamed, but the strange why he was doing so with him you seem to have feelings to you but he prestige because he is a shame you. it seems you must troublesome him and make him wary that will do cured
honestly the best thing that i can tell you is leave him alone. Guys who usually do that are jealous. Trust me i've been there before, %26amp; he's just saying that her doesn't like you because maybe he wants you for him self.

( by the way, do u go to St.Clare?)
i know u don't like to be a tattle tale but the best thing to do is just to tell a adult they can really help u if he is being a issue in your life
eh him he's so annoying gag me with a spoon!!

you should tell him ';sorry must be 5ft to talk to me!';

and ignore him at least that other kid is not there!!

Bye!!! ~See Ya~
I think u like him or u would stay away from him!
stay away from him then

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