Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need some advice, pls. 10 easy pts for best answer?

Here is my problem: I dont like eating at all and i am not on diet

Even though i have all the foods i like i just dont wanna eat.

sometimes i even say ';aight gotta go to eat'; ad when i get in front of the fridge, i just walk away and dont eat

so pls wat should i do?Need some advice, pls. 10 easy pts for best answer?
It does sound like depression. You should tell yourself you ARE hungry and eat small portions at a time. Several times a day. Just make yourself eat something. You will get sick by not eating healthy or normal. Just make yourself eat something small and gradually increase your food intake. Eventually you will start to feel hungry when your body thinks it should be snack time. I get like that to. It's stress and depression.Need some advice, pls. 10 easy pts for best answer?
Are you depressed about something? Depression can cause a change in appetite.

But this could also a sign be a sign of something physically wrong too. It could be very serious so I think you should go get checked out by a doctor.
i wish i had this problem!! but i do have a niece like that. she went to the doctor and found out she had a thyroid problem and something was wrong with her digestive tract. i would suggest seeing your physician.
Now, everybody, don't bash me for this answer, it's just a suggestion.

Smoke weed maybe? You'll get the munchies and actually WANT to eat.
I have teh opposite problem... wana trade?

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