Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need delipatory hair removal advice. what's the best brand: veet, nair, or something else?

how well does this method REALLY work, compared to shaving? (i need it for my legs)Need delipatory hair removal advice. what's the best brand: veet, nair, or something else?

nair burns my skin. they work if you apply enough. and you don't get razor burn either... it only takes between 3-6 minutes to work depending on how think and stubborn your hairs are. you don't have to use the little plastic ';razor'; if you don't want to. i think it just makes it easier to remove the cream when you are done.

just so you're not getting bad info, shaving does not make your hair darker or thicker... it's only more noticeable at first when it's growing out because the hair has a blunt tip as opposed to the natural tapered it.鈥?/a>Need delipatory hair removal advice. what's the best brand: veet, nair, or something else?
Both Veet and Nair work well. Veet works better for dry skin. Nair is good for all types of skin, but smells like a wet dog. Veet is also moer expensive.

when i first started shaving like 3 years ago i used nair that stuff burns like a mother! i have never shaved my legs with a rasor and i always use veet.

my hair stays light, i dont get stubble and i dont shave as often.

i suggest you throw out the rasor and just use veet =]
The best is waxing, but if you want to use surgicream, it works very well. Your legs will be air free for about four days.
I have used Nair...and its ok but in my opinion it is much faster to shave your legs than to use any creams.
well i usually wax because it can last for up to a month and it leaves my legs and arm very smooth. many people say it hurts alot but it really doesnt. after a few tries it doesnt hurt that much and it also depends on the thickness and length of your hair. like if your hair is short than it wont really hurt but if its sort of long then it will. what i do is that if it is not so short than i cream it. then i wax my legs and arms. i use nair for both waxing and creaming. except i am starting to notice that when i cream it, it sometimes leaves rashes or even bleeds a little (just one very small place not my whole leg or something lol) but i dont know if it is the cream or its my skin. but it does say on the hair removal cream that if you get a rash you should stop use immediately but i still do it anyways. as for shaving, i hate it. i have never shaved my legs nor my arms and i never will. shaving makes your hair even thicker and darker than it naturally is and also it doesnt really last that longs sometimes even just one day. i know this because one of friends shaves and she told me that she just shaved a day ago and the hair was already growing back in. also by shaving, it makes you pores in any part of your body more noticeable.
HMM depends how much you want to spend, try laser it is expensive but on the fifth visit you can see the difference less hair growing, and if you dont want to spend that much try sally hensen the waxed strips those are cool too, and they cost like 7 dollars, and you'll use like 2 boxes. hope that helps!

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