Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My girlfriend left me for my best friend and i need advice?

im 18 and last summer I finnaly got my first girlfriend and my best friend stole her from i hate them both and am extremely depressed and matter how hard i tried to explain to him after she broke my heart that i didnt want him to date her he would just lie to me and tell me he wouldnt date her. i found out about them wanting to date 20 days after she broke up with me...and he says he didnt steal her from me even tho when i was dating her she would flirt with him and i was jealous but she would cry and tell me she liked me alot and not him at all. Me and my best friend were really close and i trusted him but he lied ALOT right to me and i feel so betrayed and hurt. now they date and they both know i hate it but dont care. They think im overeacting and shouldnt care at all. i told them i would be their friend still because im trying to be happy again. but im hurt so bad and so angry and feel like it was so wrong. I dont no wat to do to feel better...any suggrestions?My girlfriend left me for my best friend and i need advice?
If it were me, I would have to completely seperate myself from both of them. Friends don't date friends exes. Period. It is hurtful no matter how long you have been broken up and if he truely cared he would never have done that. I wouldn't be able to look at either of them again, it's the only way I could get over something like that.My girlfriend left me for my best friend and i need advice?
go hunting.....shooting something will make u feel better
move on that was so wrong of her to do that to u %26amp; your friend is not really your friend
the thing is your 18 and its your first g/f that you lost. you remind me of myself who went through a similar situation. you have to branch out to others to get your mind off of this, or you need to date other gals. too many women exist in this world to worry over just one person. she lost you, and she is the one losing out. they all think the grass is greener on the other side and it just isnt true. she lost you and if you stand your ground, she will not get you back. the losing sleep thing just wont go away for a while until you stop staring at 4 walls and get out and do something. you cannot live like a wreck b/c of her and him. so let them do their thing, at least you found out now, before you got even deeper with her. its tough, but with you going places, having fun, laughing, and thinking of the people who are REALLY there for you...that will make you forget and another girl is out there just waiting in the wings for you. take what you have learned, keep it, and improve it for girl #2 who will love you EVEN more. i promise you that. good luck my friend

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