Friday, January 8, 2010

17 and moving out of home with best friend and boyfriend? advice?

okay. lol i know this seems dodgy but we all have full time jobs and our parents all want us to move out. so isnt that the best idea? finding people you trust most to share a house with? we will be 18, 18, and 17 when we actually go for a house and my friends mom is helping us so it should all be fine. anyone who has moved out early have any advice?

rent is around 300 a week so thats 100 each. and we have a refridgerator and microwave so far. weve got a few months to get as ready as we can. k thanks17 and moving out of home with best friend and boyfriend? advice?
This will be the part of your life you'll always remember and have a laugh about.

I'm pleased to see you are let the adventure begin!!17 and moving out of home with best friend and boyfriend? advice?
The rent does sound expensive. That is a lot of money to find every month - especially when you need to find money for gas, electric, water rates, council tax, food - not to mention any fun purchases!

The best thing to do is to save a bit of money and look for somewhere with cheaper rent. Also, having some money in the bank will really help you if something goes wrong in the house and you need to replace it - or if you overspend one month.

Try checking out ebay and car boot sales for furniture and furnishings - you can get some really great second hand things that would save you a fortune..
I wish you guys didnt have to do that. please stay on birth control. anyway thats cheap rent, so you guys should be able to afford that. Go to yard sells for furniture, and keep your valuable protected. Other people they may bring home can be theives. You never know.
1. The rent seems quite steep.

2. I have many stories of best mates who move in together and grew to hate each other.

Otherwise, i think it's all good fun, if you can balance the responsibilities of running a house.

Ok if you earn your keeps, if you're moving with other dependents also; you will be an independent dependents. You're just running away from something you could not keep up.
Sorry I give it about 3 months Max. Hopefully I am wrong Best of luck
its a good idea. save as much money as possible.

but it might be a bit awkward if you break up with your bf though..
The rent is toooo much. Especially for just starting out. But wherever you decide to live make sure EVERYBODY signs the lease so if things turn bad and somebody wants to move wont be stuck paying the rent alone. As for the 17 yr old...they cant sign until theyre 18. So you may want to think about that. That could turn out bad.

I know its may sound like it could be awkward...but you need to sit down.....write out rules everybody agrees to and sign it. If you dont do this prior to moving will regret it. Trust me. It may sound all fun right now..but you never know a person until you live with them. And a lot of times people dont like what they see.

I hope Im not sounding negative...I'm just tryna keep it real.

It could be the best or it could be the worst....depending on how you go about things. Either way...its definetly going to be a learning experience.

To get stuff for your house, try yard sales,thrift stores...Craigslist has a section to buy household items,furniture....even a free section. You'd be surprised at the good stuff you can find.

Good Luck

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