Friday, January 8, 2010

What would you do in this situation / how best to act? (writing advice)?

ok, so, in my story, my main character has accidental drunken sex with another character. (they both eventually end up with other people).

she used to have a widely known crush on the guy, but she doesn't anymore. when she wakes up (after the sex), she completely regrets it. (the sex)

what should i have her do to make this okay? she's associated with him through siblings / friend of a friends, so she can't just leave without repercussions. (she could leave)

what would you do in this situation? (considering you have no idea if he likes her or if it was a mistake on his part too)

i thought about it, and in that situation (waking up first) i'd leave and pray he was too drunk to remember, but he might have then thought he had a dream about having sex with her, and grow an unwanted crush.What would you do in this situation / how best to act? (writing advice)?
They were both drunk? I'd act like I didn't remember it if he brought it up. Gets me off the hook (even if everyone finds out we did have sex, I can play the ';I was so drunk! I don't remember it'; card). I doubt he'll develop a crush on her just because of that night. When he sees he was that unmemorable he might become insecure, or he might just pretend nothing happened as well. Maybe he won't even remember! I hope they used a condom. Sounds to me like the girl kinda still does have a crush on the guy...why else would she be wondering if it meant anything to him?
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