Friday, January 8, 2010

Help! ASAP! best friend trouble! i need advice! pleeeeeaze read?

my best friend is being a jerk she said ';your ugly. and you will never get a boyfriend.your glasses are ugly to you should get pretty thats why guys like me'; but she dosent even have a boyfriend!!!!! UGH! she just randomly said that then she starts trash talking her little 5yearold sister saying ';Karlee,your ugly i hate you..your hair is ugly!!!are you mentzlly challenged?';

what should i do?Help! ASAP! best friend trouble! i need advice! pleeeeeaze read?
it appears to me that she is trying to build herself up by telling everyone elts that theyr ugly. that may just be because she thinks shes ugly. try talking to her (when she is calm) and ask her what is going on and why exactly is she saying such things. if she continues with the abuse (yes that is verbal abuse) id seriously reconcider the friendship. you want friends who are nice and support you, not ones who belittle out of the blue. trust me i had a friend like that during middle school, you dont want to be with her.

also if you can try to get her little sister out of the way by offering to babysit or something.Help! ASAP! best friend trouble! i need advice! pleeeeeaze read?
Tell her off. You know that your not ugly. Ask her why she doesn't have a boyfriend if she's 'pretty'.

Go up to a jerk guy with your friend and ask him if he thinks she pretty. Chances are he'll stutter or say no if hes a asshole.

She might be PMSing. Ditch her. Find new friends. Tell her you don't want to be her friend. Seriously, LEAVE HER. After you tell her off and what-not, ditch her.
ignoreee herrrr, find better friends.

every girls beautiful, she's probably unhappy with herself and maybe somethings going on that you don't know about. maybe you could politley ask her if theres anything wrong. but dont do it snotty.

good luck(:
uh she sould look in the mirror wait, she'll BREAK IT....anywayzz she seems like the mentally challegend one..
ignore her theres nothing wrong with you :))). . .shes just not happy with her self

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