Friday, January 8, 2010

I am having problems with my two best friends. I need advice.?

I am a junior in high school. Since the beginning of the year, my two best friends, who have never talked to eachother before, decide to start talking. Soon they go out. Ever since then everything little thing has changed and i am losign them both. The guy best friend has stopped talking to me because he thinks i secretly like her. I dont but that is what he thinks. Me and him have fought maybe six times. Those are the first six and i have known him since kindergarten. The girl lies about everythin and ignores me for him. She only talks to me when they fight so she can let things out, but besides that she ignores me. What should i do? Should i accept it wont work out and just find new friends? please help..I am having problems with my two best friends. I need advice.?
I say walk away from them both and if they are truly your friends then they will notice when you are out of their lives and then want you back

You know what they say:

You never know what you've got until it's goneI am having problems with my two best friends. I need advice.?
if they are really ypur friends thel notice your pain talk to them its the best way
wow DONT listen to her

why bother being there for her if she's not there for you?

wheres the logic in that.

id understand if she's there for you when your deepest in need, but if she isn't forget it.

it takes two to build a relationship(friend)
I would think you should leave them for a while, hang out with someone else. If they come back and say they're sorry, they're your true friends. But if they don't, still keep in touch a little bit but if they avoid you, they might be shy,embarressed, or guilty. If they never come back, find new friends, get over it.
I'm not so sure you'd be capable of finding new friends because what you describe of this girl doesn't sound like a friend to me. You need to learn a bit of self respect and get yourself a spine.

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