Friday, January 8, 2010

I am feeling badly about my low ';best answer'; percentage. Any advice? Consolation?

Maybe it's just the fact that it is late at night and I am all hopped up on cold medicine but it really disappoints me when I have given an answer my very best and the person picks someone else for some no good reason.

This mostly happens in marriage %26amp; family so maybe I should switch categories...but the bottom line is that I think people ask questions and then pick the best answer based on someone agreeing with them even if they are clearly wrong in the majority opinon...

Example: Should I cheat on my wife? She won't have sex cause she is 9 months pregnant.

Answers 1-18 and 20-32 are ';NO!'; and answer 19 is ';Hell yeah!'; and the person picks THAT guy.

I am feeling disillusioned with this process.

Help me.I am feeling badly about my low ';best answer'; percentage. Any advice? Consolation?
Sweetie, you know that this is just entertainment, right? I know it feels good to get Best Answers, but we cannot control what other people do or whose answer they are going to choose. Just like life, you do the best you can with what you've got.

Now, get you some rest and it will all be better in the morning after some good sleep.

Night-Night %26lt;SMOOCH%26gt;I am feeling badly about my low ';best answer'; percentage. Any advice? Consolation?
I think 18% is pretty good.

The thing about YA, think of your goal as being to get to the next level. Think of it as a Bonus if someone picks your answer as ';Best Answer';. It is a pleasant surprise.

Keep answering your questions.

Every so often you will be pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck
i can tell you dear i loved your answer to my question, however i guess since im a level one i cant rate them yet. you have a very good preception of people and its obvious your answering from the heart....dont give up...and thank you for answering my question....i feel it a honnor for you to take the time to answer it......thank you.
You are right very often people pick the answer that fits with their ideas, not necessarily the BEST answer

Unfortunately life is not fair, we just have to get used to it but what goes around comes around and people get what they deserve in due course
Its the same old story isn't it of people only hearing what they want to hear, they ask advice, but are only allowing themselves to hear the answer they want.

Its like a child throwing his dummy out when it cant get its own way. Of course the guy is going to agree with ';hell yeah'; as he then feels justified in his actions.Its like he has asked permission from the teacher and got it, so that's okay.

Perhaps he should have had sex education lessons whilst he was there, and learnt about condoms if he doesn't like the effects of Pregnancy.

Then you get some people who just ask a question to get everyone going, they sit back and watch everyone explode, this is common in the dog section of pets.People are passionate about their pets and so it gets quite volatile in there sometimes. Just choose youre questions carefully,try to recognize who really wants advice from everyone and genuinely cares about the answers. Do your best with the knowledge you have my friend. That's all I do.
When the questions go to voting go in and vote for your own answer. That will lift your best answer percentage.
Geez ,Your BA % is bigger than mine and yet I know that I give good answer.

Have Fun

Edit :

Sometimes attempts at dry humor work and sometimes they don't: See above
Half the time I doubt the questions are actually serious! Don't take it personally!
Are you answering questions to help others or to achieve a ';best answer'; rating.

I'm confused because you say you are answering to help others yet you are complaining because you don't get best answers............It doesn't really matter as long as some of the time you are helping.

Remember, you can't help everyone but what an honor it is when you truly help one person.
You can have all my best answers if you would like.
I have 13%, but more than twice as many answers as you. I vote for myself all the time.

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