Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuck in the middle of my 2 best friends fight? NEED ADVICE!?

Okay, so On Halloween, my friends Bella and Anna and I were going to go trick or treating. she was inviting these 2 guys that had made me cry before, and i didn't want it to ruin my night, so Bella Decided to come with me trick or treating, and let Anna go with her friend Via and those 2 guys. So we ran into them, because we were going trick or treating in the same neighborhood, and the 2 guys threw water on Bella, for NO reason!! So, we were all kind of mad, but Anna decided she was going to be mad at Bella and not me. I was wondering why she was mad at bella, when the fault was more mine then hers. I was glad to be out of that fight though. so Bella ASKED me to stand up for her, and i didn't think it was right for her to ask me. i DID in the end stand up for her when they would say mean things or whatever, but i wasn't going to throw myself in the fight. Im so confused, who is right and who is wrong??Stuck in the middle of my 2 best friends fight? NEED ADVICE!?
you can either choose a side and possibly lose a friend or say from now on u r not sidin wit anyone because you don't want to lose either one of them and let them battle it out. Let them vent to you if they need to but don't make remarks back. Tell them that you don't feel its fair for them to put you in the middle fo this and that you are going to be friends with the both of them and they have, to deal with it. You aren't telling them they have to be friends but you are not going to lose them as your friends even though they seem to be fine losing each other. SO the best thing to do would be to say leave me out of this!Stuck in the middle of my 2 best friends fight? NEED ADVICE!?
ok this is bella

kat you left out the part where I stood up for you

the only reason im in this fight is because i stood up for you!

and its not fair

your off the hook and you wont help me

but i help you?

true frendship is different
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