Friday, January 8, 2010

What Should I Do??? 10 Points to Best Answer with Mature Advice!!?

My bf and I just broke up because aparently i was asking ';stupid questions';. We broke up before and ever since then i've been paranoid that we'll break up again so i'd always ask him- is he sure he loves me, is he angry with me, does he love me etc. i know its stupid but somehow the comfort of his response always made me feel better. Last night after a party he was acting indifferently always thorwing around the phrase ';i dont care'; so I asked him if something was wrong and he said nothing. And i asked him if he was angry with me or something. he completely got angry and said,

'; you know what , i'm tired of your stupid questions. if you're so sure i dont love you why dont you just leave me alone. Dont bother me any more.';

I diddnt expect that responce at all. Hes so angry. He doesnt want to talk at all. What should i do??? I realize now its my fault and that I shouldnt have kept nagging him about it but it seems liek its too late. Should I just give him space?What Should I Do??? 10 Points to Best Answer with Mature Advice!!?
Leave him alone for a couple of weeks.

You're doing either one of two things right now - either you're making yourself look needy and insecure with all your questions and he finds it unattractive, or you're putting him under too much pressure to prove his love for you all the time.

You have to keep in mind that men - in general - don't like to talk about emotional issues all the time. They don't like to have to tell someone they love them every minute of every day, they don't want to have to prove that they aren't mad at you all the time. They just want to have a good time with you.

So if he ever does take you back, stamp down your insecurities and learn how to just go with the flow. His actions will tell you how he feels about you, you don't have to keep asking him.

In the meantime - give him a couple of weeks to miss you. Don't say a word to him. At the end of those two weeks, call him up and ask if he'd like to go see a movie or something. If he says yes, then go out and just have fun with him. Don't say a word about your separation or your feelings. Don't ask him if he's been upset with you. Just have a good time.

But if he still doesn't want to see you after two weeks, then move on. It sounds as if you may be the type of person who is able to easily communicate her feelings, and you may find you're better off with a man who is able to communicate on your level. If your bf doesn't want you back, then this will leave the door open for you to find someone who can better appreciate your personality.

Good luck!What Should I Do??? 10 Points to Best Answer with Mature Advice!!?
maybe you should try explaining that it comforts you to hear his response. i can see where hes comming from, but if he really did love u, he wouldnt care that u kept asking him. so maybe send him a message on myspace or facebook or messenger if he has any of those, if not ask him if you can talk to him for a lil bit, and tell him what you said here.
give him space. HE's in a situation in which he feels like he has lost control because he doesnt have your trust, that is why he got angry and probably because you caught him at a bad time, give him a few days 1-2 then contact him and before you do, pray for a peaceful interaction
If he doesn't respect you and how you feel then he's not worth

it.Find someone who will treat you with the love you deserve.

It's not your fault if he acts like a jerk.
its too long for me to read, but just follow your heart.
that is called nagging, and who wants to put up with that?
Please leave that jerk alone!!! it sounds to me like he may be a coward, (looking for a reason to get rid of you) you shouldnt have to ASK him if he is mad,upset, and you surely shouldnt have to ask him if he loves you, his actions tell whether or not he cares for you, or if he loves you, remember this, A persons ACTIONS will reveal the sincerity of whats in their heart. you should sense his love for you, by the way he treats you. It doesnt sound like to me he is much of a boyfriend or you would have felt content and he is the one that should be making you FEEL loved, maybe he wanted out, and he is just using this excuse of why he is breaking up, you shouldnt be calling him or emailing if he was a real boyfriend that really cared for you, then he would have called back, apparently this is just a outy for him, dont chase him just get on with your life and forget about him, and be thankful your able to get out now before he mentaly abuses you!! GOOD LUCK
Dont sell yourself short. You should be able to feel comfortable with a boyfriend. Try having a relationship where youre not worried about him leaving you.

If hes getting angry with you that easily its not a good sign.

Nagging is bad - try not to do it. But you really dont want to be with someone who says your questions are stupid do you?

Be a little more hard to get next time. Youre worth it. Have confidence in yourself, and boost the ego of the guy you choose and all generally goes well.
U arent paranoid or anything like that. u just sound confused. just wait. He could just be in a bad mood or maybe he relly does feel that way. U werent wrong to ask those questions. If I were u Id send that email. Dont though. Give it time. If nothing happens then just say it's over. Hang out with your friends and try to forget him. Don't try to change his mind though and give him space. good luck.
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