Friday, January 8, 2010

I think im in love with my best friend. (need major advice)?

me and him have been best friends for four years...

only i had lost touch with him recently due to him having a girlfriend who highly disapproved of me even speaking with him.. so our friendship dwindled.

we tried numerous times to continue txting or phone talking.. since we werent allowed to see each other.. but his girlfriend didnt like it.. so i respected her feelings and spoke with her girl to girl.. and i completly understood where she was coming from...

but that was a few months ago and now we have lost touch....


he called and said he was having girlfriend troubles.

and that he just needed to talk to his best friend..

so he came over to my house and we were lazy and just hung out in my bed room until 2 am just talking and talking away....

and it wasnt until last night that i realized how much i missed him..

and now.. i cant stop thinking of him.. and how much i hate that his girlfriend is hurting him right now...

shes practically cheating on him.. and hes torn up..

but yet he still claims that hes in loooove with her and will never leave her...

and now im starting to have feelings for him.. that i think were there all along..

but ahhhhhhhhhh

i dont even know.

i cant stop thnking of him though..

and i need to know whether i should tell him .....that i feel this way.. that i get upset when he speaks of her.. cause shes not right for him..

and that.. im his best friend why not love him..\

should i tell him....


would that make things akward..?

or would it totally ruin our friendship?

has anyone had to deal with this before//

i dont even know what to do and i need major advise.I think im in love with my best friend. (need major advice)?
It would probably ruin your friendship, but you two haven't been connecting lately anyway, so what do you really have to lose?

10% or more chance you get the gold so why don't you ask him out?

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