Friday, January 8, 2010

Singing advice? 10 points to best answer?;feature=channel_page

i really am singing.. my friend is just lip synching in the videoSinging advice? 10 points to best answer?
You have a beautiful voice. Show your face so they know who the sound is really coming from. You could hold a great future as a singer if you just build up more confidence!!!Singing advice? 10 points to best answer?
you are pretty good.

A few notes were off pitch.

Practice listening to notes and singing them correctly.Do you have a piano?? if so play say Middle C on the piano, then sing the same note. Do this with heaps of different notes (including black ones!)

You can also practice scales either on a vowel, or using solfege (do re mi)

and you sounded slightly nasally, but in some genres that is ok.

And if you can afford it get voice lessons!

hope that helps...


your friend looks weirdly like someone I know... is her name Bella??

and she does not look like she is actually singing
you sing pretty well. next time it would be nice to see you in front of the camera though. it would be a good idea to take voice lessons to help build your sound and make it fuller sounding. you have a very good start.
very good. It wouldn't hurt to take voice lessons though just so you can perfect that voice and learn how to hit notes a little better.
wow you sing really good

why dont you sing in front of the camera instead of your friend?
YOu're awesome!

you could tell she was faking it.

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