Friday, January 8, 2010

Any advice on preparing well for the MCAT? what's the best MCAT preparation book?

I'm looking for MCAT books to help me prepare...which one would you recommend that helps prepare well for the MCAT? Any advice on it is well appreciated too :)Any advice on preparing well for the MCAT? what's the best MCAT preparation book?
I liked ExamKrackers, but I also used Kaplan and Princeton. IMO, it depends on how well you know the material. EK is like a crash course in the MCAT, while K and P both go more in-depth. I read them all, but I would say I only studied EK b/c I was comfortable with the material (i took the MCAT summer of my junior year). My best advice is to first take an AMCAS practice exam and see how you score. That will let you see what section/courses/topics you should pay more attention to. After you study, take another AMCAS PE and then study again. Repeat this cycle until you feel comforable with all material.

Also, you should devote more time to your weaker areas while not neglecting the areas that you feel comfortable with. Print a list of the topics covered on the MCAT and when you're reviewing your practice exams document how many questions you make and miss in each topic. This will let you know where to devote more of your time.

When you take your PEs mimic the environment of the actual exam w/ the scheduled breaks and all. This will help you relax while taking the real and make sure that the grades of your PEs aren't inflated. Due to stress, PE scores are usually 2 pts higher than what you score on the real exam.

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