Friday, January 8, 2010

K.. wow i need help like bad! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER.. I NEED ADVICE! PLZ HELP?

im a teenager.. still in highschool ..

ok so i have been dating my bf for 2 years..

i thought i loved him.. i thought we would be together for ever and have kids together one day and that hole ordeal

but i dont get a long w. his mom..

i kinda get a long with his dad..

his gramas kinda ocward to be around

and we have been kinda distant feeling ourselves

welp.. now theres this other guy and i love his family and i love the way he thinks and does things.. he's awesome..

i cheated on my bf with him..


he knows i have a boyfriend

and he's trying to help me figure things out right now.

the thing is..

i think i would rather be with him, but he's leaving for college in 2 months. :/

now i just feel like a total whore who doesnt know what she wants

please give me some advice

no mean answers or comments.. please.. im really just not in the mood .. i really need help here..

thanks in advance for your answers!K.. wow i need help like bad! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER.. I NEED ADVICE! PLZ HELP?
i think you know what you want,sure maybe you should have not cheated on him but its your past and its done. what does your heart tell.dont be thinking about your future yet like having kids what do you feel now? dont worry about him leaving for college if you love him its worth it .. i mean my sister had a long distance relationship for 3 years and they are getting married. and just so you know,how a guy treats his mom is probably how he'll treat you especially the way he acts and his family acts that matters alot on how he'll be like,this i know from what happened to my whoever it is that you love and the family is good then i suggest you take one big step and be with him in the end your heart is always right and what you feel..K.. wow i need help like bad! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER.. I NEED ADVICE! PLZ HELP?
i think you should go with the second guy.

he seems to be someone you feel more comfortable around and that counts a lot in a relationships.

you thought you leveed the first guy but you really didnt.

dont lead him on if you really dont love him.

just break it off and be with the one you truely love.
Tell your bf the truth! see how he responds and you will see if you're love really is unconditional, I mean that's your answer right there! Find out how he reacts to this, you will really see what you two have or don't have! I hoped I helped and good luck!!!!
it seems you like this other guy more then your bf. I say go for him. tell your bf the truth, that it is not working out

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