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Thinking of buying a 47';tv whats best LCD or PLASMA ? any advice?

there are few main differences


you will get a greater picture on a plasma

you will not get a blury picture from any fast motions like football games.

they do get a little bit hotter then LCDS, which eats a little bit more energy

plasmas are a lot cheaper then lcd when compared in quality

99.9% of plasmas have a very reflective glass screen that might make it hard to watch when room is very bright

start at 42' and up

rec. Pioneer and samsung


come is very larg amount of sizes

has an anti glare screen that eliminates some of the glare

little bit more energy efficient compared to Plasma of the same size.

cost a little bit more depanding on brand

cover all screens from 15' and up

Rec. Samsung and sony and not far under would be lg and toshiba


when looking around check out the contrast ratio's the higher the better. for the size that you are looking for look for televisions that are about 10,000 to 1 or better. and when looking around get the 1080p (true HD) which has 1 million more pixels on the screen then the 720p televisions that are little bit less on the price.

there is no better or worse with LCD or Plasma, they all will last you the same if all conditins were ideal. its really what you are going to use it for.Thinking of buying a 47';tv whats best LCD or PLASMA ? any advice?
LCD (Liquid Cristal Display) is the new technology, it has a 20 years life expectancy, HD ready, also it looks better, but it is more expensive.

Plasma is an old technology based on using a light reflecting gas, has a lower life expectancy, it has a lower display quality but it is cheaper than LCD.

My personal choice was SONY bravia 46”.Thinking of buying a 47';tv whats best LCD or PLASMA ? any advice?
LCD definitely superior. Plasma screens heat up and are not so sharp. If you are going for 47 inch make sure you get 1080p, as it will be the best quality picture available in high defintion. 40'; Sony is highly reccommended by someone I know.
According to 63% of the population, you are better off buying a plasma:
Plasma classically has better pixel by pixel controlling giving a sharper quality to the image. It also has more degrees of contrast - I remember on the Plasma panasonic advertisemtns that there are 3,072 degree of colours (X3 colour planes) across 10 K contrast degrees.

Plasmas also have sub-pixel controllers / scene controllers that will give richer blacks and vivid colours more character.

They've ironed out most of the screen burn with better glass now.

I'd just mind the size of these TVs - they aren't light and the thinner hte better. I did see toshiba was advertising a very flat screen (not sure which this was though.)

Panasonics don't make LCDs above 32'; so Plasma is the only choice with that particuar brand. Sony's Bravia's are quite expensive but I heard there were issues with processing speed that left the audio lagging behind the video by a fair amount - on the larger screens. Also LCDs, being powered by a single light source projecting from the back of the screen rather than individual pixel controllrs (plasma) may produce pixellation / screen lag for sports on large screens.

So - mm. Go for plasma but look for a light one.
ive heard plasma! Lasts longer generally but because of the gas it has to be stored properly or it will not work correctly. the prob with lcd is that pixels can go on the tv, and if that happens u have to get a new screen.
Plasma definitely. LCD has refresh rate problems over 42'; i.e you have lines going down the screen as its so large it has problems keeping up the refresh rate.

standard rule of thumb:

42'; or below - LCD

42'; or above - plasma

the gadget show did a feature on this and also ruled plasma was the best option for a larger screen, but not necessarily the most expensive.

anyone who says LCD TVs are better at this size (47';)clearly does not know what they are talking about. my wife works for a leading hand held computer company and i know the technical bods there, who are at the front of technology research to stay ahead of the competitors. they have also said the same thing and these guys dissect technology for a living to see how it works.
LCD TVs are a LOT lighter than Plasma. At 47'; LCD will be 50-60 lbs, the same size Plasma will be 80 lbs or more.
lcd tvs are better than plasma
LCD but do your research.The most expensive isn't always the best.
when shopping round for a flatscreen tv i was advised not to buy plasma so i opted for the hitachi 42'; lcd wich came with built in freeveiw and a four year manufactures warranty no problems so far in 12 months
LCD by a mile. Plasma if touched can ruin, so no parties, no kids etc. LCD is more reliable and clearer.
';If we look at LCD technology, it makes use of a back light illumination. With plasma TVs, each bulb is self illuminated. So taking this into account, plasma definitely has a faster response and a wider viewing angle. LCDs definitely look brighter in shops, but plasmas show more picture detail and is much better in living room settings. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages.

When you compare the cost, plasma is more cost effective. For larger screens above 42 inches, we recommend plasma. For lower screen sizes, we recommend LCD TVs.';
According to the December 2006 issue of Consumer Reports, there's a better technology than either lcd or plasma. It's DLP front projection and the following comment should prove helpful to you.

Even though the Infocus SP4805 is currently back ordered for $325, it's the best gaming and movie projector deal around from %26gt; Store %26gt; See All Home Theatre Projectors %26gt; Green Icon at right for SP4805. It's a DLP front projector with 4X speed color wheel with no apparent viewable rainbow effect.

Here's an actual movie, ';A Good Woman'; projected onto a 92'; diagonal screen with the SP4805:…

Good luck!
too expensive.

I have one but i didnt pay for it. I used one of those freebie sites like on NBC -

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