Friday, January 8, 2010

My boyfriend is not too fond of my best guy friend anymore..advice please? heres the deal..

I have been real good friends with my guy friend since i was 15.Im 20 right now.turning 21 soon. Anyway, we really consider each other best pals.He's the only guy friend that I can trust. Now, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 4 months. I love him so much. hes my everything.I am soo happy with him.

So, my boyfriend brought up to me that while he was a junior he actually went on a date with my best guy friends girlfriend of 2 years. i thought it was funny. I didnt really mind since it happened like 4 years ago. My boyfriend told me that she would be the one that would send her friends over to tell him that she wanted to talk to him.. but my boyfriend told me that he wasn't feeling her and there was no connection. I mean shes a real quiet girl. So,i brought it up to my best guy friend, whom I thought wasnt gonna really care since It happened a while backk. I mean i didnt care. After I told him about that, it kinda seemed to bother him and he asked his g.f about it just to see if it was true. So what she did is that she totally flipped the script and made it seem like my boyfriend was the one that was trying to get at her. Which is not true because my boyfriend is a real honest guy.Trust me. So, i was a little shocked that my best guy friend actually got offended. and he started making jokes saying that, supposedly his girlfriend had said that she wasnt feeling my boyfriend back then because he wasnt cute enough for her!! that ticked me when he threw that in there. That was totally uncalled for..I mean so, i got a little offensive and said ,''well maybe my boyfriend isn't the hottest guy in the world, but he has a great personality, something your girlfriend should try to develop!!' So then my best guy friend started making jokes about my b.f..So i got a little mad. and was like hey well Ill call you later and I know that he was already a little mad too. So i mentioned what had happened to my boyfriend and was saying that why was my best guy friend saying **** like that if he didnt even know him that well ( which is true) you just dont make fun of a person you really dont know well. anyway, now my b.f isn't too fond of my best guy friend. Kinda sucks couse now there will be no double dating lo JK. but it sucks couse you know he's still my best guy friend. but I obviously love my boyfriend.I just didnt like the fact that my best guy friend said all those things.

what should I do?My boyfriend is not too fond of my best guy friend anymore..advice please?
tell your guy friend how you feel.

and tell him that if he keeps on acting this way and doesn't stop there's no way you can remain friends ! |STAND UP FO YA MAAN|


and then tell your boyfriend what you told him so he feels like you care and aren't just nigelecting what happened.My boyfriend is not too fond of my best guy friend anymore..advice please?
if they don't have enough respect for you to cause so much drama over something so incredibly petty, i suggest you reconsider your relationship with the two of them and find better people.
You got yourself in the middle of a male ego situation. Guys don't like other guys out doing them. Just tell them both that you are sorry you brought it up.
That's way too complicated... I guess just give things time, and if you and your boyfriend are meant to be it will all work itself, and friends should be there till the end... time will only tell with this one.
Whoa you need to chill. You both got defensive of your own bf/gf. Just make amends and forget.
This is all just ego driven grade 2 bullshit. If the kids can't get along in the sandbox, maybe not because they want to but at least for your sake then you are wasting your time with both of them. Go do something fun and exciting so that you have something better to worry yourself about other than childish drama.
with out reading your explination the golden rule is friends will always be there so unless you are planning to marry this guy tell him to deal with it.

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