Friday, January 8, 2010

PLEASE HELP guy trouble!!! Please answer, 10 pts best!! I really need advice!!!?

This question is different than my other one!!!!! Please read/help/advise!!!!!!

=[ i like this guy, lets call him Joe again, and i think he likes me back maybe cuz when he texts me or we talk on facebook he always uses ';hahas'; and smiley faces and capital letters when hes like ';HII!!!'; or something and hes so cute and perfect and so nice and everything, and we hang out during studyhall and wander the halls and hes so sweet and flirts with me so much and always asks me who i like and asks me to make a nickname for him and stuff.

BUT, i found out that he does this is exact same flirty thing with my friend. He also talks to a bunch of my friends in school and on facebook all the time and flirts with eveeerryone apparently, thats just his personality i think.

I don't know if hes naturally just really flirty and doesnt know it or if he does this with a bunch of girls just to hook up with them or something or just to play us.

Idk! but hes so sweet and always talks to me and says hi and stuff and today in studyhall we sat in the hall longer cuz he said he didnt want to go back, and he asked me who i liked again, like begging to know, but he does that with lots of people..

DOES HE LIKE ME OR NOT!?!?!? i have no idea!!! i was wondering -- should i ask him on AIM or whats his deal? Like why hes so flirty and makes me think he likes me?

I just dont want to get my hopes up if he doesnt.

please help me!!

thannkx!PLEASE HELP guy trouble!!! Please answer, 10 pts best!! I really need advice!!!?
Unfortunately, you're probably correct. It's just his personality. From what you've said he just seems like he's an outgoing, flirty person. That doesn't make him a bad person. You just have to be aware, so that you know what to disregard.

If he likes you, he will tell you. Until then, enjoy flirting with him and know that you have a friend.

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