Friday, January 8, 2010

ADVICE NEEDED...Tongue piercing...BEST ANSWER?

I Got my tongue pierced on Wednesday and it didnt hurt during or after . . . However the tip of my tongue was numb ... its now Friday and if the bar moves i feel a little bit of a sharp pain well it was like that when i woke up, now The sharp pain is kinda goin just gettin numb the swellin is still dere my cuz says dis happened 2 her . . . ANY ONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS? . . .xADVICE NEEDED...Tongue piercing...BEST ANSWER?
um, i've had my tongue pierced for a year and after i got it done it didn't hurt at all until the next day i got swollen and stayed that way for two weeks. i kept it clean everyday and then after like two weeks i finally changed it. it was fine after that.. about the pain, i never really had it - its going to hurt because your tongue is not used to having a bar right in the middle of it? and mine was numb too its only because its slightly hitting a nerve (nothing big really] but i hardly change my tongue ring now because everytime i do, my tongue goes a little bit numb. i hope this helped. anymore questions, email me at (:ADVICE NEEDED...Tongue piercing...BEST ANSWER?
if there is a sharp pain when the bar moves that is a very bad sign. you should consult your piercer. i'm concerned about this numbing too... i hope he didn't hit a nerve!! if you talk to your piercer and he doesn't really say much, talk to a doctor. the doctor will probably advise you to take it out, but at least you won't risk losing your tongue!
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