Friday, January 8, 2010

Help! I think i just seriously hurt my best friend! I need advice!?

Okay heres what happened.

Me and Ron have know eachother since we were like 2 and have been best friends eversince (I'm a girl btw) Anyway, as we were growing up there was never anything more than a solid friendship, however the other day he confessed his love to me and I really didnt want to return it coz he's like my brother and it would be weird. So i just told him that. We're both 15 and the before that incident he told me he was feeling really depressed and had thought about suicide.

I'm worried that my rejection may push him of the edge and I have no idea what i can say to him because being romantically involved with him is definately not an option and he just can't accept that.

I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!! WHAT WOULD YOU DO, IF U WERE ME??Help! I think i just seriously hurt my best friend! I need advice!?
oh my your in a tricky situation my dear!

ok so hmmm

you need to show your friend ron that even though you may not love him romantically you still love him and theres alot to look forward to in life make an extra effort to visit him and hangout with him maybe make a surprise visit to his house in the morning to make sure he knows that you guys r still friends!!

even if its akward man make it happen make him talk make him laugh

goood luck!!Help! I think i just seriously hurt my best friend! I need advice!?
YOU need to get your point across somehow, put be gentle about it, because honey it could turn into one of those ';IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU THEN NO ONE CAN!'; situations, be careful but be wary of your friend...
Cheer him up! Go together to both of your fave hangout and talk about both of your fave topics! That could take his mind of his depression.

I think best friends make the best lovers, but that's just me... Good luck though :(

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