Friday, January 8, 2010

I love my boyfriend but I like his best friend. I need advice.?

I know it seems wrong. But i really need advice. My boyfriends name is Zack. His best friend is Daniel. I lost my virginity to Zack about a month ago. Im sixteen, Zack is seventeen and Daniel is sixteen. When I first moved to this town I met Zack and he asked me out and I said yes. We broke up two weeks later %26amp; he cheated on me in that period of time. (but I didnt know that until a very long time afterward.) We were kind of friends with benefits for a long time. (let me remind you that I was a virgin at this time.) He had a g/f and I knew it and I still stayed the night at his house and called him and kissed him. I didnt know his g/f and she had always been a ***** to me but I didnt care that he was cheating on her with me. I felt I meant more to him than she did. Which is stupid. Well I started getting into Daniel. %26amp; so me and Daniel were together but not. Like we acted like a couple but he told me he didnt want to date me for a lond time. Mainly because of me and Zacks history. Well me and Zack and Daniel and Zacks g/f started hanging out. Which was weird at first but Zacks g/f got over the fact that he cheated on her with me so many times. Anyways Zack goes to rehab and me and Daniel just kind of stop talking and me and Zacks g/f start being best friends. Well while Zack was in rehab, Zacks g/f broke up with him and found someone else. Me and Daniel fell apart and me and Zack got together. Me and Zacks ex g/f %26amp; Zacks ex g/fs b/f are best friends. Zack doesnt like his ex's b/f and he doesnt like Zack.

Well as I told you I lost my virginity to Zack about a month ago. Daniel found another g/f %26amp; it messes with my head knowing he kisses her and stuff. I dont know. Zack knows I like Daniel %26amp; it bothers him. Daniel has dont no wrong to me and Zack has ****** me over many times. What do I do? I am so in love with Zack but I like Daniel so much and me liking Daniel brings tension to me and Zacks relationship. I dont know what to do. Advice pleaseI love my boyfriend but I like his best friend. I need advice.?
Whoa what a mess lol

alright i understand the bond a girl gets with the guys who has taken her virginity, but it sounds like this Zach character truly doesn't deserve you. Someone who cheats his girlfriend is scum. Sorry but when you go into a relationship you remain faithful to that person no matter what. Daniel seems to be a decent dude, but the fact that he has a girlfriend of his own doesn't help, and breaking people up for your own needs is wrong. There are more guys out there besides these two guys. You seem like a good girl whom another guy would be lucky to have. Play the field, but if you find yourself wanting either one of these two guys then this is what i advise.

If it's Zach lay down the rules. He should NOT be cheating, and you need to let him know that or else you walk.

If it's Daniel let him know how you feel, and if he cares for you enough he will come around.

But remember there are many more guys out there who will remain faithful and keep you drama free...for the most part.

Good Luck.I love my boyfriend but I like his best friend. I need advice.?
what a mess, if i was you i would dump them both

and get a new guy
Well it isn't very fair for you to go whoring around and messing up Zack and Daniel's relationship. You need to either choose one or dump them both because it sounds like your slutty, raging hormones are tearing apart a relationship.

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