Friday, January 8, 2010

Ok.....I seriously need help with this!! **Best person with the advice will get 10 points**?

The thing is that I'm a sophomore right now and I will be becoming a junior starting in sept. I took plain Living environments( Biology) this year. %26lt;Got an 88 on the regents!%26gt;....well I was planning to take to take an A.P course for Biology in my upcoming junior year. But since I'm already packed with so many classes I'm planning to take the course in my senior year. So basically that would be a year gap in between . So I'm wondering??.....Am I going to forget all the knowledge I have about this subject or what??....I'm confused.....I mean my teacher would recommend the class to me since she gave me an 100 for her class ,but can anyone give me some advice?.....Should I still take the A.P course in my senior year and skipping a year in between......I will have to skip the year since I can't take it next year!!...But I want A.P Biology !!..Plus...I will be planning to take the SAT2...Biology%26gt;....can anyone PLEASE!! give me any advice on if I should do what I'm intentionally planning toOk.....I seriously need help with this!! **Best person with the advice will get 10 points**?
Well AP biology at my high school seems to be a very hard class. It will involve a lot of memorization and long hours. If you have the time in your junior year to study and do well, then take AP bio and it will help you do well on the SAT2. From experiences in AP classes though, the basic subjects don't really even seem to help very much in an AP class, for how much information is thrown at you. If you wait one year, you will still remember some basics. Either way, you will still have to learn a lot more things. If you plan on passing the AP test with a high grade then maybe taking AP bio when you have more free time to study would be a better idea. If you think you will have the time in your junior year to take it without becoming a stress case, or doing poorly, then sign up for AP biology. Junior years are the hardest, and it seems that if you wait one year you will have more time to study and do well in the class. And you will have less stress in your busy junior year. It seems that the perks of taking it in your senior year are much more valuable than the information you will forget in a year. But really, the decision is up to you. You seem capable of taking AP bio both years. Good luck!Ok.....I seriously need help with this!! **Best person with the advice will get 10 points**?
I don't think you'll forget that could do independent study to keep up on what you've already learned.

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