Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair curling? Best products and creams? any advice?

Hi i love the look of nice soft curls.

But i cant seem to do it the way i like it?

Do u kno of any good curling wand brands?

and creams for hair or anything good :) Or do Rollers work?

Thanks heaps!

Heres a picture of what i want! and dont kno how to do. curling? Best products and creams? any advice?
rollers will make those curls, but don't leave them in too long. it's best to use either large rollers or medium rollers. also, you can use a spiral curling iron. conair makes a good iron for about 20 bucks at target.Hair curling? Best products and creams? any advice?
Heated rollers I think work the best when your trying to achieve a look like this. When you put the rollers in your hair make some of the roll under %26amp; some of them roll outwards so that it flips up. After you apply the rollers in your hair %26amp; spray a little hair spray on them. Then when they are completely cooled take them out. The curls aren't going to look attractive at this point, haha. But after you take them all out let them cool like that for at least 2 mins. then run your fingers through your hair %26amp; break the curls up. It will give you the look that is in your picture that you provided. Then just makes sure you spray the heck out of your hair so they stay.

My favorite curling product is bed head- -Curls rock. I would also recommend bed head- -Root boost. You could apply that at your roots while your hair is in rollers it will give you a great amount of volume.

%26amp; then if there are a few pieces that are not looking cute run a curling iron through them a good brand is conair. hope this helped.
I dont know....but if you go to one of those expensive hair salons and give them that picture, they can probably make your hair like that, and if they mess up ask theme for your money back!!!! That simple!!!

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