Friday, January 8, 2010

I lost my cousin he was my best friend.. need your advice pls?

My fav cousin didnt tell me he was going to get married..i feel left out?

Me (22) and my cousin (32) were like the best friends whenever we were together. We knew eachother since we were young but i couldnt see him often cause he lives in another country. Last time i saw him was in London 2004 when we went to visit our family there for a month. We had so much fun and laughed alot together. We just had this great vibe, i really felt he was like my best friend.

Then something happend in 2007 my ''father'' attacked me and my sisters and he got arrested, and my own brother was the one who setted it up. So i think that the news got spread around to the other family members ofcourse and my brother told them probably alot of nasty lies about me. Cause he hates me to death since we were lil.

Yet i had the courage to send my cousin an sms to ask him if he is alright and that i love him no matter what but he didnt react. Later i heard that he got married, and that there was a wedding even my brother went there and no one told me he would. I was so sad why didnt he let me know? We were so cool. So i decided to back off. Untill i today i saw a pic of him and his bride made me all sad again, that i was left out. Cause i really love him. And i dont want to call him, i think that him not reacting back was already good enough.

What do you think i should do tho..?? i feel really sad, i didnt deserve all these lies and nasty thing said about me. I know my self and i am a very loving person with a good heart.

Thank you for your answer i appreciate it. :)I lost my cousin he was my best friend.. need your advice pls?
you poor thing, that sucks! me %26amp; my brother were really tight till he got married now we never talk. he is just too busy for me or half the family. so ive given up. it really usett me at the start but you will get over it. i have. good luck.

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