Friday, January 8, 2010

Parent trying to end 3 year relationship, 10 pts. best answer, need some advice. ?

My boyfriend and I have been together now for almost 3 years and we're in a long distance relationship. I know people say they don't last and blah blah blah but, this relationship will. We're faithful to one another and everything is going amazing. This summer my boyfriend is suppose to come over and stay at my house for a week. My father has no problem because he wants to meet him and get to know him but, my mother will not push. She say's she likes him and is a very nice boy but it would never work out. I'm 17 and will be 18 very soon and plan to move out with him but, I cannot wait until next summer to see him. We're in love deeply and will do anything for one another, how can I make my mom see that I'm in love and that I think I really have found that one special person? I understand why she may not want him to come over and think he's a molester or an old man but, his parent's could be thinking the same thing about me but, my mom knows I'm none of those. I just can't take it anymore here and I want to move out, but beforehand how do I really get my mother to realize I'm not a baby anymore and that I have really found someone I care about deeply. Plus his parent's want to meet me as well and says I could move in after I graduate if I really wanted to. If you have something smart asss to say, don't waste your time.

Any advice would help me very much.Parent trying to end 3 year relationship, 10 pts. best answer, need some advice. ?
Just talk to your parents like what you typed here, you said you are an adult now, not a baby any more; so, talk to them like an adult. Good luck.

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