Friday, January 8, 2010

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! i will choose best answer by whose advice works?

How can i bond with people quicker?

what should i say to them and stuff like that?

its not that i don't have any friends or anything...there are just these 2 people that i am friends with, but not GREAT friends. i want to bond with them quicker. what should i do?

and i have one more question that has nothing to do with this. i am on the dance team and we are having a send-off assembly for nationals (woo) and we are doing a guy girl routine.

the thing is that you can request a guy to dance with or a guy can request you. a popular senior guy requested me, because he thinks i am cute. he isn't great looking or anything (not that he is ugly haha), but he is funny i guess. he kind of intimidates me question is, when the time comes that we have to learn the routine together, what could i do to make it not awkward for me?PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! i will choose best answer by whose advice works?
Take your attention off how he is, and put it on who he is as a friend, nothing else.

Be yourself.

Be in the moment.

Have fun with it.

What is the worst that could happen? Nothing.PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! i will choose best answer by whose advice works?
Try asking your friends to hang out sometime, do something fun.

As for the guy thing, just be yourself and dont worry about learning the routine together. Relax, and it wont be akward. The more you think about it, the more akward it would be. dont be nervous.
just get them talking about themselves, give advice, ect...

Just act casual in front of that guy...but if he intimidates you there may be a reason, intuition is a powerful thing.
im best answer
to bond with ppl quicker you should try finding thing that you have in common with them and baically just be yourself. you know like be funny, random, fun, crazy haha those kind of things so that way the ppl you wanna bond with will want to hang out with you just to have a good time. Or, start hanging out with the lik at the mall or movies, or watever.

uummm...... for the second ?........ um, how about try to talk to the guy a lil more so that way when you two have to learn the routine together, you can have a fun time doin it.^^

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