Friday, January 8, 2010

What's wrong with me and my best friend?(I need advice)?

we're both sixteen. both girls. and we're cousins. people say we look almost identical. but her sister is her real twin and looks nothing like her.

there is so much that makes me hate her but i've pushed all the stupid stuff to the side. now it just bothers me how i think i'm jealous of her because she is suddenly so stunning and outgoing.

3 years ago she moved two hours away and by us going to a concert together she met new people and back then she used to always copy me and try to be friends with my friends.

she just seems so much better because she has perfect teeth, skin, shiny hair and shes so cute and outgoing all the time and she can get all the things she wants because her moms admirer(yes..weird) buys them anything they want. while my mom doesnt have enough money to even get regular doctor checkups.

but what makes me hate her most of all is she doesnt treat me how i treat her. she makes be feel so self concious when im around her and i can tell im not as happy or fun with her as when im with my other friends. and everytime i tell her something thats bothering me shes like: yeah thats stupid but whatever. and starts talking about herself. she never listens. she has such a bitchy attitude i've found out from her sister. all she does is smoke weed and get drunk and party and doesnt have much self respect.(btw her mom knows she smokes and drinks and doesnt care) she doesnt really know what she wants to be after high school which she is failing all her classes as a sophomore. and i am the same age as her and i dont smoke drink party and im attending cosmetology school while in high school(although i might not get enough credits to grad, but i still will be a licensed cosmetologist)

on the subject of boys yeah she goes through them stupidly (most of them were from where i live of course) but theres this one that lives here and she called him a best friend becasue they tell each other everything and he goes through a lot of girls(he used to like me a couple times and on and off talking like friends) but he is genuinely a nice guy just looking for someone and he finds her perfect because he doesnt see any of the negative things about her

i don't know what to do its been like this for a long time and i've tried everything from treating her how she treats me(didnt work for long. i couldnt do it) i've told her how i felt about things like how she treats me. and now i just don't talk to her unless i really want to tell her something or she talks to me. because i'm sick of telling her things and she just doesnt listen or blows me off. and she wont tell me a thing about whats shes up to and usually hides things bracause she thinks ill be disapointed in her but now she seems like she could care less.

please give real advice. sorry its so long. and thanks.What's wrong with me and my best friend?(I need advice)?
I am a guy but i really think you should talk to her and tell her how u feel (:What's wrong with me and my best friend?(I need advice)?
Just ditch her, you don't need a friend like that, especially one that's going down the path that she's going down.
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