Friday, January 8, 2010

Does he still have feelings for me. advice plz! 10points for best answer!!!!!!!

we were friends. almost dated but didnt and became best friends. that tell eachother everything. his name is matt. he told me i was beautiful a couple times. i know him so well, we hangout almost everyday, he txts or calls me a lot. he hugs me and holds me. says he loves me. he gets jealous when im around guys. i know when is thinking dirty thoughts cuz of this expression in his eyes. and he looks at me with those eyes. he checks me out all the time. flirts with me a lot and just stares at me. gets really close to me like he is about to kiss me but changes his mind. he knows how i feel for him. but says we are better as friends b/c everytime he breaks up with a girl then they dont talk. he said he doesnt want to mess up out friendship. he tells me that he will always be their for me not matter what. he never said that he didnt like me he avoided the question and just said '; i dont want to ruin our friendship. i dont know what to do? ive told him how i feel? should i test him and not call him or anything for a week and see what happens? he's denying everything but it seems like he likes me a lot but wont admit it. i what should i do? any ideas? does he like me?Does he still have feelings for me. advice plz! 10points for best answer!!!!!!!
i used to be with this kid...then we just became best friends and talked everyday..i still kind of liked him but then he got a girlfriend and we were still really good friends...he would text me everyday and we would talk on the phone for atleast an hour every night..i told him everything and we were just so close..then one day we got in a big fight and we stopped talking...if you like him and he doesnt want to be more then friends with you i think you should stop talking to him because after i stopped talking to this kid it became so much easier for me to get over him...if all you want to be is friends with him then dont ruin your relationship if it is a good oneDoes he still have feelings for me. advice plz! 10points for best answer!!!!!!!
k he is leading u on. he is messing with ur head if he is that close to u like all the things he does and is always about to kiss u then says no lets be friends he is being a real jerk there and seriously think bout ti y would he get that close then say lets be friends, he is messing with u. why say that in the first place if u just are gonna continue to try to get close to u. u can do better. hes the one ruinging the friendship by acting like that becuz thats just making things more awkward between u too which is the worst in a friendship

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