Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 points for best answer! Didn't get enough answers last time! Please help need advice?

So I have dinner plans, and I thought it was going to be me and 1 girl but it turns out that she wants to bring a friend. I have no problem with except I kind of wanted to have dinner with just her because I wanted to ask her out. How can I do that without sounding like a bad person? Or am I stuck with her friend too? Please help!10 points for best answer! Didn't get enough answers last time! Please help need advice?
Ask one of your single friends to go with you- it can be a double date!10 points for best answer! Didn't get enough answers last time! Please help need advice?
There is two things you can do. Ask someone to keep her friend occupied on the date and do a double date, or tell her honestly you just want it to be her and you. Be real. If not, then she may keep doing things like this, and not know its a problem. So try to communicate with her, and let he know that you want some alone time. If she accepts it, then she likes you, if she is mad, or doesent wanna accept that, then she probablydoes not like you as a bf, and maybe more like just friends.
Maybe she wants to be a friend because she is nervous or shy? Have the two of you gone out before, or is it the first time?

Talk to her. Tell her that you don't mind if the friend goes (try to seem like you don't, it may help you) but that you would really like it to be just the two of you because you had a evening for TWO planned out. :) If she insists her friend goes, don't pressure her any more. Then maybe next time (because you were so cool with her friend going the first time) she will go with you alone.

Good luck!!
hurry up man. probe, probe, question and probe! right now. Without coming out and saying ';leave your friend at home'; you should imply that and figure why she wants to leave her friend at home. maybe thats her way of saying, ';this is not that kind of date';. Figure out why, what you did wrong, what you can change. And why shes inviting her friend. you can ask that. ';oh i didnt know your friend wanted to come'; ';she wants to come too?'; then she will go off and explain why and you are just going to have to read her on that. In person it would be better to see her reactions.
Maybe she is still figuring out if she likes you. Ask her if it is alright if one of your friends joins you also (not your funnier better looking friend). Play it cool, and have a good time. if everything goes well then ask her out again later.. you'll both feel more comfortable with the situation.
She either brought her friend to prevent you from asking her out, or because you intimidte her. lol. But i think you're gonna be stuck with the friend.
You're stuck with the friend unless you wanna be a di**. Ask her out another guys are not terminally ill i'm assuming...
do a double date?

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