Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should i tell my best friend this??? some advice please.....?

my best friend maria of like 2 years thinks ive been with guys well ive used it as a cover to tell other guys who just werent my type that i didnt want them like so should i tell her the truth that ive never even had a first kiss? im afraid of what she might thnik when i tell her it was all a big lie. she might never trust me again especially because i used to make up that he talked to me etc. :( some help please! you see i need to tell her cuz im goin to have my firs kiss with this guy and im goin to tell him dat he was my 1st later but im afraid she might find out and like ill be in this huge situation!! get me? thanks for your time and any advice would be very helpful!Should i tell my best friend this??? some advice please.....?
You should tell her straight up, and be like

'; I thought it was really embarassing ';

My girlfriend, never told me I was her first everything.

Until a few weeks into ';friendship '; :3Should i tell my best friend this??? some advice please.....?
tell her before you are having the kiss..tell her that you want to tell her something but ask her not to get serious..tell her everything and say..that you wanted to tell her truth before having frist kiss..because she is your best frn..though she may get mad a little..she l understand you.
Well I say tell her. I mean she's your best friend. Tell her the exact same story and tell her why you did all this. And I'm sure she'll understand. I mean you did it to be her friend. And its actually no big deal.

Good Luck
same thing happened to me. first off calm down its okay. just tell, plain and simple. im sure she's over exaggarated a few things with you. Act so excited about it, then just spill the beans. hope everything works out.
tell her,

she is your best friend, she should know everything.

tell her everything you have hidden from her.
tell her, she's ur best friend, she will understand, but if she doesnt tell her u didnt mean to lie but u lied for a reason.
You're not alone in the world, tell the truth.
If She's a true friend she won't be a mean, trust your gut!! GOOD LUCK

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