Monday, December 28, 2009

Ok i like my best friend and i need some advice?

ok so tomorrow i m going to the movies with my best friend problem is i relly really like her but she doesn't know. I want her to like me back and i really like her and i dont want to be an idiot. What do i say, what do i do, what do i wear!!!!Ok i like my best friend and i need some advice?
Your a girl and you like girls? Um get some help!!!!Ok i like my best friend and i need some advice?
Wear something you're comfortable in, but make sure it looks hot. Check the mirror!

Well, don't tell her at the movies, tell her somewhere else, where is quiet and somewhere where you think she feels comfortable.. Just be like.. I wanted you to know... I like you.
Chill, there's no need to get flustered about it; panicking never solves anything.

First off, assuming that you like her THAT way (if you do, good for you :) ), be forthright; ask her if she would like you any less as a friend if you swung that way.

If she doesn't accept you for being that way, then she's obviously not the one for you. If she IS okay with it, admit to your feelings; being shy and holding back only makes things more complicated.

Don't worry about being embarrassed, it's natural, and you'll get over it. You're the only person in your way.
were sometthing casual then ask what she tought if she went out with some like u and when she asks u why tell her because she is going to ask u why
ok first chill out

1. wear something cute

2. you say ';i like you...actually like you there anyway you could like me back?';
Just say it. But don't talk over the movie.
aww you're sweet..
keep that to urself its gonna mess up your friend ship
first you have to find out if shes a lesbian? cuz if she doesnt like girls it doesnt look good for you does it?!.. and you just come off as weird if you hit on her or something. find out first.. then act on it. if she isnt there are always ways you can try to convince her to try it i guess..
Ur a girl? U like ur best frend? Ummm... tell ur frend that ur a lesbo and u like her and shell like run away and wear like turtle necks and stuff so u wont look at her t!ts.

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