Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have a crush girls your advice would probley be best?

hey um well i have a crush on a girl from my church weve known each other for 10 years and been good friends for about 5 years we are both about to turn 16 in august a couple weeks apart and i notice her glancing back at me and if i look over at her when she's glancing back she smiles and we flirt all the time does it sound like she likes me well neither one of us is in a relationship right now also i know that there isnt anyone that she likes because were are very good friends and we talk about past relationships all the time we talk alot everytime we are in the same room frankly i could talk to her for hours and not get bored well what d you guys think i should doI have a crush girls your advice would probley be best?
dude what are you waiting for ?????? that's my question to you i mean you guys will make a perfect couple and you guys will definetley have a healthy realationship since you get along soo well and the best part is she's not in a i say get with's better for the two of you and hint hint she's flirting with YOUI have a crush girls your advice would probley be best?
I say follow your heart and let this person know how you feel
just ask her out, you wont know if you dont advice is dont pressure her into feeling something she may not, otherwise you could lose a great friendship, go easy and tell her exacly how you feel, you seem like a nice kid and i'd date you in a second
Dude, just go for it man.....what are you waiting for. Just tell her how you feel....but keep her guessing. I told this girl I thought she was smart and beautiful (and I meant it), and now she likes try it!
I have been with a girl who was a long time friend. It could have been the best thing ever...but I screwed up...make the move and keep the friendship part and it will last a lifetime
it sounds like she likes you..i say u go 4 it
The next time you're sitting together relaxing, jokingly drape your arm around her shoulders. If she leans into your arms, she's into you. If not, she probably sees you more like a friend.
ASK HER OUT!!!!! maybe shes wating for you to do that PS dont wait too long this guy i knew did and when he finally did it was too late dont let the same thing happen too you!!
It soudns like you like her alot, and if you ask me she might have a slight crush on you as well. I dont' know for sure since i haven't seen it. My advice is to just keep getting to know her, and ifyou want to ask her out, you have to respect the fact she may want to consider your friendship before dating you. She may be afraid to be '; with '; you because if you would ever break up, if you woudl not talk as much as you did before. Be kind, gentle, and understanding to her is all I can sya really.
aww cute. you should as her to hang out sometime. it seems like yall would be cute together. and its great that yall r friends. good friends make good couples. =) anyway good luck
Try telling her how you feel and that you want to be more than friends. It's best to be upfront and girls like that.
well if you tkink she likes you dont wait and torture yourself. Go for it! Ask the girl out most likely she wants to be with you too so why wait? thats my veiw on it. Ask her to something simple though, dont be ssssooooo freakin pushy, girls hate that!!!
Well, if you two are flirting, it would seem as if she likes you. Ask her to hangout with you and a few of your friends sometime. If things go well, ask her out just the two of you. Or, if you think you aren't ready to date, just go on being friends with her and getting to know her better.
i'm pretty sure she likes you. ask her out. just take her like minigolfing or swimming or something good luck
ask her out thats what i think you should do.... end of story
wow. u have a really good start with this girl well you could invite her to go with a group someplace fun like an amusment park or fun activitys like a game night if it works go further maybe to a movie alone if not well then u tried and i think and know that it is weird for a guy to kiss on a first ';date'; especially if u r in the company of other people but holding hands is fine if she wants to
i think you better send her to hospital.
tell her what you just wrote

and how you feel

most girls like guys that really listen to them

take a chance

she probably likes you too

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