Thursday, December 31, 2009


my best guy friend is probably the best friend i have ever had..

we have never fought and i have never felt like i couldnt tell him anything and he has never judged me but he has been upfront

cutting it short......

i cant help but fall in love with him

he is the most amazing guy i have ever known

most people say that the right guy is always right in front of your face and you just dont realize it......

WELL i just realized it

last year when i first finally met we started talking and liked eachother and i got grossed out by him and was very rude to him and ignored him....

well this year we finally got to highschool(i grew up a bit)

and i had a bunch of classes with him and always saw him so we got close

my new best girl friend decided to do things with him and he liked her.....

but i didnt really care cause i didnt realize any of this till now.

and we were just best friends

but recently people have been pointing it out to me that he acts like he likes me and i act the same towards him.

i was a little puzzled about it at first cause i could not believe it...

but then it hit me when i got in my first fight with my best girl friend

the only person i really wanted to be around was him....

i looked for him with tears rolling down my face and when i couldnt find him i cried harder

i sat back down and i heard my friend say his name and say that he was just the person i needed at the moment...

i tried to hide that i was crying because i didnt want him to see me like that and he sat down right next to me, pulled my head to his chest and i layed their for the rest of lunch and he rubbed my arm and told me it was all okay.....

he seems like he really cares about me....

the thing is......he has a girlfriend who i love to death.!

but i cant get past it even though i dont want to feel this way

i guess you could say his is my first love.......i have never been so sure i was in love

but i kind of have been throwing my self on himm.....i have no idea why

today we watched a movie and i fell asleep on his shoulder and he told me that he brought me his jacket because when he was heading out the door he thought about me and wondered if i was going to be cold again......

i just wanted him to kiss me right there

but he loves his girlfriend and i dont think he feels the same way...


any advice?????

and i know i shouldnt disrupt their relationship and should just let it go but I CANT!

(sorry it was a little long)I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND AND NEED ADVICE!!!??? Help?
Just say to him exactly, ';listen, i don't want to make this awkward between us, but i've started to notice that i have feelings for you.';

if he feels the same way, he'll make the next move. But you have to let him hear in your voice just how much you are in love with him without actually saying it. You have to be passionate about it, yet chill. If you really like this guy, and you think he likes you, then you have to go for it, otherwise your feelings are just going to get stronger and stronger and possibly ruin your friendship because one day you're going to snap and be like ';AHHH I LIKE U!'; and he'll be frightened and not know what to do.

It will be hard but tell him how you feel. Also that you know he has a girl friend but people think he likes you.
Awww. You poor thing. I wish I had a guy who liked me like that. O well. I think you should let time take its course. Don't let it go if you still love him but don't disturb there relationship.Stay close to him and things might go your way.

Good Luck I hope I helped stay strong
Don't let it go. You sooo love him and it is obvious he likes you. Tell him how much you really care about him. It's really hard to do, so maybe talk to him online and work that in. I did that a couple times, it makes no difference to them how you tell them, as long as they know. As if he has feeling for you.
omg this is nuts because, i was just in this exact same thing. only i ant you i was the girl friend. he just last week broke up with me for her. and I've been a wreck. i still love him . and if you try to tear them away from each other than your being selfish, but if you completely absolutely for sure in love than there is nothing that you can do. you have to tell him.but its weird because Rachel the girl that plays you in my life felt the exact same way and everything your saying is exactly in like what happened. she was always in love with josh the guy that plays the best friend. talk to the girl that hes dating tell her. Rachel told me and we were ok until she to my boyfriend. But now i think we are all friends. i still love him:(:(:(:(

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